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  • How to Choose Saxophone Reeds by admin June 26,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Your saxophone’s sound is almost entirely influenced by the reed you choose to use. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the best possible reed for your play style as well as for the type of music you’d like to play. But there’s such a variety of choice available in saxophone reeds that it […] Details
  • Where to Find Saxophone Sheet Music by admin June 12,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Learning saxophone music from the comfort of your own home can be a little bit more challenging compared to learning many of the other instruments. Sheet music for saxophones isn’t as readily available and you need to know where to look in order to find it. The following tips will help you find saxophone sheet […] Details
  • Why Do You Tongue When You Play the Saxophone? by admin April 24,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Tonguing is an important and fun saxophone technique that you can use to take your sax playing to the next level. If you’re already a competent sax player then you don’t need to be able to tongue your instrument – you can still play it well without needing to use this technique. If you want […] Details
  • How to Tell a Cheap Saxophone from an Expensive One by admin March 13,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 If you’re new to the sax then you probably won’t have a clue where to start when it comes to buying one. The most important thing to realise early on is that “a sax is a sax” couldn’t be further from the truth. While you might not want to go out and spend a fortune […] Details
  • How Hard is it to Learn the Saxophone? by admin March 10,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 This is a difficult question to answer, as some people will pick up learning the sax or other musical instruments relatively easily, while others, be it because they’re “tone deaf” or simply struggle to “get it,” could sit with a sax for weeks and still not have a clue what they’re doing. From the outside, […] Details

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