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Buy Country Blues Series 1 & 2 by Joe Wilkins and receive a 25% Discount

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Joe Wilkins' Country Blues Series will leave your fingers in a twist and introduce you to the fun and wide range of musical possibilities presented by the Country Blues Style. In Country Blues Series 1 you'll learn all about the basic techniques needed to become a great Country Blues player, with Joe's tips also proving useful for playing other genres and styles. With techniques including hybrid picking and chicken picking, this series is a must for any intermediate guitarist looking to expand their personal lick library. Country Blues Series 2 builds on the tips and techniques shared by Joe in Series 1, allowing you to play your guitar like Robbie Robertson and other legendary country guitarists. In addition to more great licks and ideas for your own solo playing, Joe will show you how to manipulate your guitar dials to create a distinctive individual sound for each note you play. Purchase these 2 amazing Series and receive a 25% DISCOUNT. Click on the above price to add these 2 Series to your shopping cart. This is a time limited offer.

Series in the Offer

Country Blues Series 2
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Country Blues Series 1
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