Pro Music Tutor Affiliate Program

Do you have your own website and love Pro Music Tutor? Would you love to earn a regular income by promoting Pro Music Tutor and its products?
If so, then the Pro Music Tutor Affiliate Program could be for you.

Pro Music Tutor’s Customers

Our customers love music as much as we do. Thanks to the fantastic ranges of online saxophone lessons,online guitar lessons, and live backing tracks we offer, our customer base is a loyal one that keeps coming back for more. As we continue to add more fantastic, exclusive content from some of the best saxophonists and guitarists in the world, our customer base continues to grow!

Joining the Pro Music Tutor Affiliate Program means you can benefit yourself! Simply work with us to introduce new customers to our website, and you can continue to earn as they stay loyal and keep coming back to Pro Music Tutor.


Like playing an instrument, there is no one way to run an affiliates program. Rather than tell you how it works, we’d much rather have a discussion with you about the type of affiliate deal that works for you and your website, and come to an agreement from there.

Whether you prefer a one-off payment for each customer you refer that signs up with Pro Music Tutor,or would rather a smaller percentage payment for each time they buy something, our affiliate system has been expertly built to ensure we can offer you both options.

What Happens When I Join the Pro Music Tutor Affiliate Program?

The first step – once we’ve discussed the structure of the affiliate deal – is to talk about how you want to promote Pro Music Tutor. We can provide creatives in the form of banner ads or eDM’s, or alternatively if you want to create your own full page dedicated to Pro Music Tutor, complete with preview videos of the series you know your website visitors will love, you can go ahead and do that.

We’ll provide you with an affiliate tracking link so you can view all the traffic you’ve sent to us, and we’ll provide you with a quarterly invoice and payment subject to your account hitting a minimum threshold of £100 in commissions.

The Affiliate shares a ProMusicTutor referral link, or adds it to a banner on their Website
The customer clicks on affiliate link and is redirected to ProMusicTutor.
The customer makes a purchase from ProMusicTutor.
The Affiliate receives a commission of the sale.

How do I Get Started?

Simply fill in the contact form below and tell us about your website and why you love Pro Music Tutor, and we’ll get in touch!

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