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    Unconventional Ways to Become More Musical by admin May 26,2017 in How-To Comments: 0 Everyone knows practice makes perfect. But is becoming a great musician really just a matter of rehearsing more? The truth is a great musical mind requires a lot more than just hours of music practice. Becoming a great musician is not just about cramming in theory and playing your instrument until your fingers bleed. Indeed, […] Details
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    Can Listening to Music Improve Performance Skill? by admin May 17,2017 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 In 1968, Duane Allman learned to play the slide guitar. Using a glass pill bottle as a makeshift slide, he listened and played along with Taj Mahal’s track “Statesboro Blues.” Many would say the new bluesy sound solidified the Allman Brothers as one of the leading bands of the era. All musicians listen to the music that inspires […] Details

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  • The Benefits of Online Music Education Learning music has never been easier, since the internet and modern technological advancements have opened the doors to countless possibilities, expanding the subjects people can choose from and how the lessons are taught. Now, people can study a whole host of music-related topics; from learning to play guitar or DJing, to understanding the inner workings […]
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  • Essential Jazz Guitar Scales that are Easy to Learn Improvising in jazz requires the ability to play in different keys over different chords. Results certainly do not come overnight, but with diligent practice, you would be surprised by what you can achieve. Many people ask me about what scales I use as if they were some big secret. While knowing your scales is very […]
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