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    Is Music Theory Important to Modern Musicians? by admin July 2,2015 in History Comments: 0 The importance of music theory is a hot debate topic in the world of professional music. Some believe knowledge of music theory is what makes you a true musician, whereas some feel their lack of music theory knowledge is like a badge of honour.  With the eternal debate over the importance of music theory raging […] Details
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    5 Ways Spanish Music Influenced the World by admin April 16,2015 in History Comments: 0 Contemporary popular music has transcended all national boundaries, with different types of music being performed and listened to in all corners of the world. Each culture also adds their own little tweaks and twists to the music, constantly creating new sounds and influences. Spanish music has deeply influenced the popular music we listen to today. […] Details
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    5 Cool Facts About the Fender Factory by admin April 14,2015 in History Comments: 0 If you had to name famous guitar makers, Fender would probably be at the top of your list. When you look at the list of guitarists who have played Fender guitars, you can see why we all love and cherish its guitar models. Guitar greats like Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore have helped to establish […] Details
  • How to Learn Bass Guitar by admin October 10,2014 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Bass guitar is a wonderful instrument to play; yet, it isn’t as popular as some other instruments such as guitar and piano. However, if you want a versatile and fun instrument to play, then bass guitar might be just the perfect instrument for you. It’s also a key instrument for a band, as it ties […] Details
  • What Are the Most Iconic Guitars Ever Made by admin June 19,2014 in History Comments: 0 When it comes to picking out the best guitar ever made, people have plenty of thoughts and the conversation can become heated. The truth is that it is hard to pick the best from the large collection of great guitars out there. However, there are a few guitar models that always make the lists and […] Details

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