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  • Muse in Melbourne
    Is Live Music Really Dying in the UK? by admin October 26,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Depending on your personal preferences when it comes to a night out, standing in a cramped music venue listening to a band you’ve perhaps never heard of is often a million times better than standing in a nightclub using bad strobe lighting and an even worse smoke machine. Sometimes we would have heard about a […] Details
  • marshall amp
    Remixing When Starting Out: What Can I Do? by admin October 19,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 If you’re a musician making your first foray into the often scary world of recording, getting your music mixed and remixed can be a stressful experience. Hugely creative musicians that have created expressive pieces of music that include elaborate arrangements layered together can find it borderline impossible to achieve the desired result. Though the modern […] Details
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    4 Essential Exercises for Sax Players by admin October 12,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Practice makes perfect – but it’s not just about the amount of practice with the saxophone, it’s also about the quality of the exercise. Your sax practice should be a variety of different things, as it’s the only way to guarantee you improve your skill set in different technical aspects of playing. To help you […] Details
  • guitar
    10 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Instrument by admin October 8,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Buying an instrument is not an easy task. While you can walk into a shop and pick yourself a pair of white socks without thinking about it, you don’t want to do the same with a musical instrument. If you are looking to add a bit of music to your life, then ask these ten […] Details
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    Our Top 10 Favourite Saxophonists by admin October 5,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 The world is full of stunning saxophonists. Lists of the all-time greats often feature names such as Coltrane and Brecker, but there are plenty of worth saxophonists to add to the company of these greats. When it comes to our favourite saxophonists, these ten definitely deserve a mention. Richie Cole Richie Cole might be a […] Details

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