NEW RELEASE: James Morton’s Minor 2,5,1’s Series 3 james morton

We’re delighted to announce that the latest and final instalment of our Minor 2,5,1’s collection, Minor 2,5,1’s Series 3, is now live and available for unlimited HD streaming or download at Pro Music Tutor.

This is yet another fantastic addition to our saxophone lessons collection and means you now have a full set of Major 2,5,1’s and Minor 2,5,1’s lessons to help you build your jazz saxophone repertoire.

Once again, the incomparable James Morton is your tutor for this Minor 2,5,1’s Series. Minor 2,5,1’s Series 3 naturally follows on from the first two series of the same name, though in this series the approach to learning is a little different as you will focus on a Modal Approach to your music.

This series contains six all new lessons that will help you to complete your learning around Minor 2,5,1’s and leave you with some incredible ideas and inspirations for playing your own improvisations, whether you’re a saxophonist who sticks primarily to jazz or who enjoys playing across a variety of musical genres.

Check out the promotional video for Minor 2,5,1’s Series 3 below.


Like what you see? Head over to the Minor 2,5,1’s Series 3 page to purchase this incredible new series now.

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