• jam session
    5 Ways You Improve by Playing with Other People by admin July 20,2017 in Guitar Tips Tags: Comments: 0 Playing an instrument is tons of fun and every one of us loves our instruments and we enjoy playing them. Whether we practice or just jam and improvise it is always a fun thing to do. What’s more important, while we have fun with our instruments, we also improve our skills, which is a very […] Read more
  • drummer
    How to Mic a Drum Set for Live Performance by admin July 20,2017 in How-To Comments: 0 The drum set—or drum kit—is one of the most difficult instruments to mic up for a live performance. The principal reason for this difficulty is that a drum set is a multi-faceted piece of equipment, with each piece delivering its own distinctive sound.  As such, it is crucial you use the correct microphone for every […] Read more
  • best-campfire-songs
    20 Best Campfire Guitar Songs: Infographic by admin July 20,2017 in Music Industry Tags: Comments: 0     Infographic Credit: Zing Instruments Read more
  • guitar maintenance
    Maintenance Tips for your Guitar by admin July 20,2017 in Guitar Tips Tags: Comments: 0 Whether you bought your guitar for fun or you are using it professionally, you need to take care of it. Guitar manufacturers these days are exerting extra effort to provide quality instruments, so you should do your part by taking care of it properly. These maintenance tips for your guitar to help you keep it […] Read more
  • marshall amp
    Unconventional Ways to Become More Musical by admin May 26,2017 in How-To Comments: 0 Everyone knows practice makes perfect. But is becoming a great musician really just a matter of rehearsing more? The truth is a great musical mind requires a lot more than just hours of music practice. Becoming a great musician is not just about cramming in theory and playing your instrument until your fingers bleed. Indeed, […] Read more

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