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    5 Ways to Learn to Play Guitar in 2016 by admin January 8,2016 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 The New Year is upon us and no doubt you have set yourself a resolution or two. While we’re not going to judge your success in sticking to them – we know only too well the feeling of saying something on January 1st and reverting to type on January 4th – we are going to […] Read more
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    NEW RELEASE: Major 2,5,1’s with James Morton by admin January 5,2016 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 We have recently launched yet another new amazing series of online saxophone lessons here at Pro Music Tutor. The latest set of saxophone lessons to find their way onto the site is Major 2,5,1’s Series 1, with the incredible James Morton once again your tutor. Image Credit: Glenn Simmons via Flickr, under CC by SA 2.0 […] Read more
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    NEW RELEASE: Building the Minor Blues Series 1 with James Morton by admin December 22,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 The new releases continue to come thick and fast here at Pro Music Tutor, and once again we’re grateful to the always brilliant James Morton for spending time with us in our studio to come up with this latest series. Building the Minor Blues Series 1 Building the Minor Blues Series 1 is a brilliant […] Read more
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    How to Care for Your Acoustic Guitar by admin December 18,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Being a great guitarist isn’t just about playing the right chords at the right time, it is about looking after your guitar and caring for it properly. Guitars are delicately balanced tools, and like all other wooden instruments need to be properly cared for if you want them to stay looking and sounding their best. […] Read more
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    NEW RELEASE: James Morton’s Building the Blues Series 1 by admin December 11,2015 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Following hot on the heels of the release of Jazz Funk Improvisation Series 3, we’re delighted to announce the release of James Morton’s latest series. This time, James has turned his hand to the iconic Blues genre for Building the Blues Series 1. Building the Blues Series 1 has been put together to help both […] Read more

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