5 Ways Spanish Music Influenced the World G major barre chord

Contemporary popular music has transcended all national boundaries, with different types of music being performed and listened to in all corners of the world. Each culture also adds their own little tweaks and twists to the music, constantly creating new sounds and influences.

Spanish music has deeply influenced the popular music we listen to today. From the Macarena moves to La Bamba’s hot sounds – we’ve all listened, sang, and danced to these tunes.

So what are the five ways Spanish music has influenced the world? 

1. The Rhythm 

Spanish music has a unique sound to it. It most often uses the standard four-four beat, but in a very different way to most of world’s music. 

The standard four-four timing typically goes simply like this: one-two-three-four. It is the basic beat structure behind country and even rock music. It’s also one of the first things you should start to use when you are learning to play a new instrument, for instance. 

But Spanish music has added its own twist to this tempo. There’s an extra half beat between the third and fourth beat. It you are counting, it sounds more like this: one-two-three-and-four. Perhaps even easier way to recognise it is by going: one-two-cha-cha-cha. Olé! 

2. The Instruments 

There is no denying it; music wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the Spanish guitar. It is probably among the most well known guitars in the world and has influenced a number of contemporary guitarists. 

Spanish music has of course added other instruments to world music, like the timbales, castanets and tambourines, but the guitar has definitely shaped the world the most. 

3. The Style 

Spanish music has given the world much more style. Not just in terms of adding dance/music styles like samba and rumba to our vocabulary, but giving a bit more elegance and sass to our everyday life. 

Just look at a Julio Iglesias or Gloria Estefan perform a song and you’ll feel the style. It’s the passion and the love towards the music they perform; everyone can feel it. 

4.The Romance 

‘Besame Mucho’, ‘Como Yo the Amo’ and ‘Historia de un Amor’ are just some of the romantic Spanish love songs we all love. There is just something amazingly poetic about the Spanish language and the rhythm. It’s slow, yet upbeat and you can’t help but feel the warm southern winds in your hair and a longing to your loved one when you listen to Spanish music.


The key to the romance is how Spanish music uses the minor scale to its advantage. The minor scale adds that mysterious element to the songs, making even rock songs like ‘Black Magic Woman’ by Carlos Santana sound sexy and romantic. 

5. The Moves 

Need we mention anything more than ‘Macarena’? Spanish music, with its energetic rhythms and sexy sounds, has forced us to move! When you hear a Spanishinspired song like ‘Alejandro’ by Lada Gaga, you can’t but help feel your leg start twitching a little.


Not to mention rumba, samba, salsa, flamenco and the list goes on! 

So put on some Spanish music or pick up your guitar and add a bit of spice to your day! Viva la music! 

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