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  • Most Influential Musicians of the 20th Century by admin February 17,2014 in History Comments: 0 The music industry is one where influence is far reaching. Whenever an artist makes it big, they always talk about those that came before them who inspired them and helped them to decide that they wanted to be musicians themselves. Influential musicians can be found wherever you look in the industry, from legends of rock […] Details
  • The History of Metal Music by admin February 6,2014 in History Comments: 0 Although most people see metal as a relatively new genre, its roots can actually be traced back as far as the 1950s, when power chords and riffs reliant on distortion effects were first introduced. However, metal itself wouldn’t begin to grow or become known until into the 1960s. Early Metal Legends of the music industry […] Details
  • The History of House Music by admin January 30,2014 in History Comments: 0 House music originated in Chicago in the early 1980s, first breaking out in 1984. Just a year later, house music had gone global; it was popular across the world from L.A. to New York City and across the Atlantic to London and Paris, as well as across Mexico and Canada. Origins of the Term The […] Details
  • The History of Pop Music by admin January 23,2014 in History Comments: 0 This history of pop music is, perhaps surprisingly, not the easiest thing to analyse and track. The primary reason for this is that pop is an abbreviation of the word popular. Therefore, the true history of pop music would go right back to when music began, and trace its way through every genre or style […] Details
  • The History of R&B Music by admin January 16,2014 in History Comments: 0 While R&B refers to rhythm and blues music, as in the genre that originated in 1940s America, when most people refer to R&B they tend to be talking about contemporary R&B, which rose during the 1980s as a variety of genres, particularly disco, soul, and jazz, were in decline. The rhythm and blues genre of […] Details

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