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  • The History of R&B Music by admin January 16,2014 in History Comments: 0 While R&B refers to rhythm and blues music, as in the genre that originated in 1940s America, when most people refer to R&B they tend to be talking about contemporary R&B, which rose during the 1980s as a variety of genres, particularly disco, soul, and jazz, were in decline. The rhythm and blues genre of […] Details
  • The History of Classical Music by admin January 9,2014 in History Comments: 0 In terms of the musical genres that we all identify with today, classical is definitely the one that stretches back furthest into history. Classical Music Origins The known use of music stretches as far back as Ancient Greek times. Mathematician Pythagoras created a tuning system and was one of the first to codify musical notation. […] Details
  • The History of Gospel Music by admin January 2,2014 in History Comments: 0 Although gospel music, by which we mean traditional church music, can be traced back over 2,000 years, the Afro-American inspired gospel music that we recognise today can find its roots in the 17th century. Origins of Gospel Gospel music was originally founded to promote group participation during times of worship. As it involved oral interaction, […] Details
  • The History of Rock and Roll Music by admin December 26,2013 in History Comments: 0 Rock and roll is one of the most famous music genres of all. While many people dismiss rock and roll as ‘old school’ and irrelevant, the very fact that we are still talking about it today tells you all you need to know about how it has endured through the years. Rock and roll was […] Details
  • The History of Rock Music by admin December 19,2013 in History Comments: 0 Rock music is perhaps the most iconic genre of all; ask anyone about legends of music and they will point to groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones from the early days of rock, to bands like Coldplay and Muse that are generally accepted as the global leaders today. Talking about the history of […] Details

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