Good Spanish Songs to Relax To Strumming Guitar

A good relaxing tune is often the only thing you need after a stressful day. Music has the great power to help us relax and feel just a bit better about the somewhat chaotic world around us. 

When it comes to soothing music, nothing beats Spanish songs. They have the power to calm your nerves, while also giving you that upbeat feeling about the future. The rich variety of sounds in the songs creates an almost dream-like feeling that helps you get your mind away from your troubles. 

Next time you are feeling stressed, try these Spanish songs to relax your mind and body. 

El Noi De La Mare 

This traditional Spanish song is actually a Catalan Christmas song. The song’s name translates to ‘The Child of the Mother’. It has the classic sound of Spanish guitars and the great Andrés Segovia popularised the tune around the world. 

La Paloma 

La Paloma is one of the most well known Spanish songs and a beautiful song to relax to. The famous Spanish composer, Sebastián Iradier, composed the song after his visit to Cuba in 1861. It isn’t any wonder then the song is especially popular in Cuba. 

There’s also an English version to the song. The tune is called ‘No more’ and it’s been recorded by the likes of Dean Martin and Elvis, and the versions are worthy of a listen as well. 

Romance Anónimo 

The origins of this beautiful Spanish song are still debated, but it is thought to have been composed in the 19th century. In fact, it is often more well known as simply ‘Romance’ as the anónimo (anonymous) part was later added to detail the fact that the origins of the song remain a mystery. 

The song is a tricky one to master on the guitar, but very rewarding once you learn it. You can find the tabs online. 

Duerme con Angelitos 

This beautiful song is perfect way to relax. The song is by Musette and it has been featured on many relaxation CDs in the past. It isn’t any wonder, as the lovely balance of flutes and gentle guitars make it a great song to clear your mind. 

Homenaje a Ruby 

The Homenaje a Ruby, or Cathedral Bells, is another famous Spanish song that is often used in relaxation mixes. It is a beautiful composition by Ruben Romera and its unique sound mixes different elements without making the sound seem too complicated. If you’ve been in a noisy situation, this is a great way to calm down and feel a bit calmer. 

Besame Mucho 

One of the most well know Spanish songs Besame Mucho is also a great song to relax to, especially the instrumental version. This song takes you immediately to that special place where you can just forget about the stress and enjoy the rhythm. 

Did you know that the Beatles also recorded a version of the song? 


So next time you are feeling a little under the weather, create a song list from the above songs and just relax. All you need is a comfortable sofa to sit on with a hot cup of tea on one hand, and you’ll be transported to a magical land of smooth sounds and cooling breeze.

So relax and enjoy!

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