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Latin Series 1

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Series Description

Popular musician Craig Crofton is your guide through Latin Series 1. In this series, you'll learn all the fundamentals of playing Latin styles on your saxophone, but also pick up a lot of knowledge that will help you play within other genres as well as improvise. Although many of the lessons are based around basic sax techniques, you'll need to spend time and be concentrated on what you're doing 100% if you want to teach yourself this style to a good level. Latin Series 1 is ideal for beginner and intermediate sax players.

Tutor Description

Craig Crofton is a popular and world-renowned saxophonist, and has played with up and coming jazz artists as well as many of the greats, including our own Pee Wee Ellis. Craig is in high demand as a session musician, and also has his own jazz quintet, who are a popular presence on the UK club scene. He is also one of our leading tutors here at Pro Music Tutor, bringing all the knowledge he has learned from jazz pioneers through history and combining it with his own unique style to brilliant effect.

  • Latin Series 1- Lesson 1 In Latin Series Lesson 1, Craig introduces you to 'call and response' within a distinct and catchy piece of solo music, helping you to quickly pick up this simple lick and understand the importance this technique. Craig slowly goes through both parts of the solo, demonstrating the subtle changes you need to introduce at the end, before putting all licks together so you're able to play this great solo in full.
  • Latin Series 1- Lesson 2 In lesson 2, Craig starts to expand the rhythmic range, using one of the notes of lesson 1 to ensure you can easily transfer what you learned earlier. Craig focus on playing the notes individually before starting to play them in a Latin rhythmic style, beginning slowly before increasing the pace as you start to become familiar with the sequences. The latter part of the lesson will introduce you to approach tones so you can add depth to your music. Playing approach tones are excellent to have in your repertoire if you want to start improvising when playing your sax.
  • Latin Series 1- Lesson 3 Lesson 3 uses the Blues scale that you used in lesson 1, but is a much bigger part of the music. Craig begins by taking you through the Blues scale so you know where you're working should you ever want to practice or experiment with this element of playing sax. The lesson then focus on using G sharp to construct a range of phrases, and Craig will share some secrets that will allow you to improvise and construct different pieces of music around one solo.
  • Latin Series 1-Lesson 4 This is the longest lesson so far, and sees Craig using pentatonic scales to further develop the licks you have already learned in the earlier lessons. Lesson 4 introduces more advanced techniques and will help you to become a more versatile sax player. By Craig's own admission, this is a lesson that might take you a little longer to pick up and master, but once you've done so you're all set to tackle the additional challenges presented in the final lessons.
  • Latin Series 1-Lesson 5 Lesson 5 is perfect for teaching yourself how to travel effortlessly from one note to another, while continuing to play in between and maximise use of the ‘flat five.’ The main focus of the lesson is a series of glissando practices, which are an essential part of improvising in your sax playing. Craig continues to use call and response to build the solo featured in this lesson, which combines Latin style with traditional Jazz and Blues sounds. Once more, you can practice at your own pace before increasing the speed to play along with the backing track.
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