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Path To A Great Sound

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Series Description

In this series, world-famous saxophonist Andy Sheppard is your guide as you become familiar with the sax and the basic techniques that will help you to develop your playing ability now and in the future. Basic and more advanced breathing techniques as well as simple notes, melodies, and chords will be introduced to you by Andy, who makes learning easy with his relaxed, informal manner perfect for picking up the sax and learning its ins and outs at your own pace.

Tutor Description

Andy Sheppard is one of Europe’s best saxophonist and is one of the few British sax players to make waves on the international jazz scene in recent years. Andy has released a number of notable compositions as a soloist, and has also performed with numerous other artists and world music groups, including some he brought together himself. Andy is a master of a variety of sax techniques and is a great tutor for beginners and those looking to improve their technical ability.

  • Breathing Introduction- Lesson 1 In this opening lesson, Andy explains the importance of the way you breathe when playing your saxophone, focusing on being at one with the instrument and using your whole body to breathe. If you have never thought about how you breathe, you will after this lesson! This is the natural place to begin your journey towards becoming an excellent sax player, and you will leave this lesson with great advice that will serve you well for years to come and help you to build the sounds that you are able to produce with your instrument.
  • Breathing Exercises In Action- Lesson 2 Now that you have your breathing techniques where you want them to be, it is time to start learning how that translates into inspirational sounds coming from your sax. Andy introduces you to a number of breathing exercises that will help you get to a point where the way you draw breath is natural, and you can move onto focusing on playing the instrument, and your breathing will take care of itself. This can be difficult, but is definitely worth persisting with. Once you master your breathing, you will be ready to move onto getting the best out of the instrument itself.
  • Mastering Harmonics- Lesson 3 Your breathing is key to harmonics, making this exercise a great way to measure how effective and powerful your breathing is. In this lesson, Andy recommends practicing these notes every day, and takes you through a basic understanding of each one and the sound you should be looking for. Andy also shares his tips for how you should structure your practice so that you quickly build an affinity with the sax and are able to identify yourself whether you are getting the correct sound and impact from your playing.
  • Fun & Music With Harmonics-Lesson 4 In this lesson, Andy builds on the notes you started to play in lesson three, giving you some ideas for beginning to put different notes together and coming up with some basic musical arrangements. This one is all about fun and experimentation, so try out Andy's improvisation and then have a go yourself, it will begin to help honing your breathing to cope with playing successive notes, and also introduces basic sax chords to your repertoire.
  • Circular Breathing Techniques-Lesson 5 The common theme throughout Path To A Great Sound has been breathing. Circular breathing, breathing in and out at the same time, is one of the key techniques that will help you to develop your sax playing. In this lesson, Andy goes through the importance of circular breathing, shows you how he does it, and introduces exercises that will help you to master this advanced breathing technique.
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