• The History of Tenor Saxophones by admin November 18,2013 in History Comments: 0 What many people do not realise about saxophones is that the whole family was invented in conjunction with one another. Adolphe Sax might be best known for the alto saxophone, but the truth is that his genius was actually behind the design of every saxophone we know and love today. The tenor saxophone sits alongside […] Read more
  • How to Make Dubstep Music by admin November 8,2013 in How-To Comments: 0 Dubstep is one of the newest, most talked about genres of current times. Although it was born in the late 1990s, it is only in recent years that it has become globally popular. How can aspiring musicians make their own dubstep music at home? Find a Program If you are interested in creating dubstep music, […] Read more
  • The History of Yamaha Guitars by admin October 31,2013 in History Comments: 0 Despite having a rich history behind them in the guitar industry, Yamaha is not a name most people would immediately associate with the instrument. However, while the likes of Gibson and Fender lead the way, Yamaha does enjoy a portion of the market and is still a respected name when it comes to guitar production. […] Read more
  • The History of Soul Music by admin October 28,2013 in History Comments: 0 Soul is one of the most popular genres in the music business today. Not only is it widely loved on its own, it is also a huge influence on various other types of music, and a major source of inspiration for musicians the world over. In addition, soul has been the foundation of many sub-genres, […] Read more
  • The History of Jazz Guitar by admin October 24,2013 in History Comments: 0 Although the traditional jazz-style guitar wouldn’t be born until the 1930s, the first take on a jazz guitar was actually in 1923. This was the Gibson L5, which popular jazz musicians of the time, including Eddie Lang, would use. When the electric guitar was invented in the 1931, it would quickly become the jazz instrument […] Read more

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