• How to Strum a Guitar by admin July 15,2013 in How-To Comments: 0 One of the first things any aspiring guitarist needs to learn is how to strum their instrument. Before You Begin Your guitar needs to be strung and tuned correctly.  To achieve this, either buy a tuner from the music store, or download an app to help you. Getting Started With Strumming Strumming a guitar is […] Read more
  • How to String an Acoustic Guitar by admin July 11,2013 in How-To Comments: 0 Why a Guitar Needs Stringing There are several reasons an acoustic guitar might need restringing.  If one string snaps, then it is advisable to replace all of them, while intensive use of a guitar may also mean that the instrument needs to be restrung. Restringing Your Guitar Once you have decided that your guitar needs […] Read more
  • How to Practice Guitar by admin July 8,2013 in How-To Comments: 0 Myths of Guitar Practice • Structured practice is pointless, it takes away the fun of guitar playing and stifles creativity • Practice doesn’t even work, I learn more by simply picking up my instrument and doing whatever I please • Doing the same thing every day won’t help be learn anything Debunking the Myths 1. […] Read more
  • An Interview with Denny Ilett by admin July 4,2013 in Interviews Comments: 0 Hi, my name is Denny Ilett and I’m a guitar player. I’ve been a professional for twenty seven years now. In those twenty seven years I’ve managed to be lucky enough to work in a lot of different styles and I think it’s very important for any guitar player to not confine themselves to one […] Read more
  • An Interview with Micky Moody from Whitesnake by admin July 1,2013 in Interviews Comments: 0 Hi, this is Micky Moody, I’m a guitar player. I have been kicking around for a few years now. I started playing as a child really when I was 12. When I was 16 I left home and went to London with my friend Paul Rodgers and got stuck into the music business, of course […] Read more

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