• The History of Hip-Hop Music by admin August 19,2013 in History Comments: 0 The hip-hop subculture that spawned hip-hop music was born in New York City in the early 1970s.  Young African Americans living in the city would attend block parties where DJs gained popularity by isolating the percussion elements of popular songs.  This technique was already popular in Jamaica, and was largely credited to Clive Campbell, aka […] Read more
  • What is Musical Composition Copyright? by admin August 15,2013 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Musical composition copyright differs from standard music copyright laws in a number of ways.  While most of these differences are easy to understand, if you’re involved in the reproduction or publishing of music related property at all, they are worth knowing, as you could very easily find yourself breaching copyright laws without realizing! Length of […] Read more
  • The History of Reggae Music by admin August 12,2013 in History Comments: 0 Reggae music was founded in the 1960s, developing from ‘rocksteady’ styles and the already popular mento, ska, and R&B genres of the time.  The 1968 track, Long Shot (Bus’ Me Bet), by The Pioneers is credited as the first recording of a reggae track.  The sound proved so popular that it was influencing the biggest […] Read more
  • How to Copyright Music by admin August 8,2013 in How-To Comments: 0 The Berne Convention governs and informs laws relating to music copyright.  Under it, a musician automatically owns the right to their music as soon as it is written or recorded; this might be in the form of lyrics in a notepad, sheet music written in a book, or a track placed onto a CD, for […] Read more
  • The History of Electronic Music by admin August 5,2013 in History Comments: 0 Speak to some people about ‘electro’ music and they’ll tell you it’s a recent phenomenon that should be consigned to history quicker than it emerged.  However, the real history of electronic music begins in the early 20th century. Early Days Electro While various examples of recording equipment were produced in the late 1800s, the Theremin […] Read more

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