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Moody's Slant On The Blues Series 1

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Series Description

In Moody's Slant On The Blues Series 1, Whitesnake legend Micky Moody takes you on a journey through various styles and techniques that you can use to play the Blues whatever way you wish. Whether you love improvising and want to make your personal Blues sound more funky, or simply broaden your musical vocabulary so you can be more versatile and flexible in what you do, this series has something for you. Check it out to learn how to get more out of your instrument and become an accomplished Blues guitarist. This series is ideally suited to intermediate and advanced players.

Tutor Description

Legendary Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody has done it all in the world of music, and all guitarists from beginners to those more experienced now have the opportunity to learn from the man himself. Micky shares the secrets behind a variety of playing styles and mastering solo sequences, and even provides you an insight into some of Whitesnake’s biggest hits. Micky Moody is still going strong today with recording and touring, and provides all at Pro Music Tutor with the chance to learn from a living legend.

  • Slow Blues Chicago Slide Lesson In Lesson 2, Micky shows you everything you need to know when it comes to playing slide guitar styles, with this look at a slow Chicago-inspired Blues lick. This lesson is about learning how you can use this style yourself as well as picking up the lick; once you're done you'll feel confident in going away and putting slow Blues solos into songs you cover or into your own music. Listen out for Micky's favourite tips and techniques that will make playing slow Blues easier for you and make you a master of slide guitar.
  • Slow Blues Chicago Strat Finger Lesson Lesson 3 features Micky showing you how to play Blues guitar using your fingers rather than a pick to create a snappier, more distinct sound. As well as showing you the technique you need, Micky shares the benefits of playing Blues finger style, and demonstrates then within the lesson. You'll pick up a number of different ideas for building your own slow Blues solos, which you can then play finger style or incorporate them into your usual playing with a pick. Learn about moving around the guitar while playing the slow Blues and understand where Micky's own inspirations came from.
  • Slow Blues Desert Slide Lesson Micky introduces you to Desert Slide in Lesson 4, showing you how to create a range of distinct musical effects that will make your Blues solos stand out. Micky demonstrates use of the volume and tone settings on your guitar while playing the Blues, and what they can allow you to bring into your music. Micky then moves into a selection of awesome licks, showing you how to play them with slides and a thumb pick, all while controlling the sound and tone to create whatever noise you want, whether it is a screech or something haunting and almost voice-like.
  • Slow Blues Les Paul- Lesson In Lesson 5, Micky shows you some brilliant techniques and shares his favourite ideas and licks with you for playing the Blues on the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar. This lesson will give you everything you need in order to get the most out of your guitar, with a range of different Blues licks that can be integrated into your own solos or improvised further to come up with something new and original. Take everything on board from this lesson and you'll almost have a full Blues vocabulary in your guitar armoury!
  • Funky Blues Lesson The first lesson gets started with a look at Funky Blues, featuring a piece written by Micky exclusively for this series. Micky shares some great ideas for creating your own funky blues licks, working around the pentatonic scale and traditional Blues sounds and using them to take an extra step and create something individual to you. This lesson is a great introduction to this series; as well as learning how to play Micky's lick that he introduced at the beginning, you'll go away with a range of techniques that will help you to create your own personal Funky Blues sound.
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