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Acoustic Series 1

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Series Description

Learn from Micky Moody the legendary Whitesnake guitarist. In this series Micky's aim is to pass on some of his Acoustic techniques and explores different tunings. Mickey does not teach you every lick not for note. The aim of this series is to provide you with "building blocks" to experiment with these different tunings. Micky takes you through each piece of music and shows you particular chord progressions, licks, styles and techniques. It is a great way to get an "overview" on different tunings and the make a decision on which ones you like, to be able to take them further.

Tutor Description

Legendary Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody has done it all in the world of music, and all guitarists from beginners to those more experienced now have the opportunity to learn from the man himself. Micky shares the secrets behind a variety of playing styles and mastering solo sequences, and even provides you an insight into some of Whitesnake’s biggest hits. Micky Moody is still going strong today with recording and touring, and provides all at Pro Music Tutor with the chance to learn from a living legend.

  • Acoustic Series 1 - Lesson 1During this series you will be taught and directed by the legendary 'Whitesnake' guitarist, Micky Moody. Throughtout the lessons he'll demonstrate valuable riffs, licks and ideas across a number of styles, including; Bluegrass, Blues, slide and will demonstrate some of his own work using unusual tuning methods. He will demonstrate some of the methods he uses and goes into detail as to slide and picking techniques This series is perfect for the seasoned guitarist - so bring your bottleneck, capo and don't worry - you're in good hands with Micky Moody
  • Acoustic Series 1 - Lesson 2 Micky demonstrates another piece in Open G tuning, but this time bring your slide. This is a lesson ideal for those who want to learn a little more about Open G. Micky will show you a merge between a Bluegrass and a blues piece; showing you certain licks and techniques to get you going, including slide and finger picking techniques. At the end, he'll show you a little blues in the style of Robert Johnson and you'll get to see what Micky is like before and after coffee.
  • Acoustic Series 1 - Lesson 3 In this lesson legend, Micky Moody, heats it up with one of his favourite tunings - DADGAD. He demonstrates a great rhythmic piece to challenge your fingers and move you on to the next level. Micky will show you how to control the basic tuning of DADGAD and demonstrate some licks as well as going into some detail regarding the picking technique.
  • Acoustic Series 1 - Lesson 4Micky is back with his slide in this lesson and is taking things slow and easy. He demonstrates a non-standard tuning called E-Fifth in order to allow you to build up your knowledge of tuning styles. It is a really atmospheric tuning and great played fast or slow. He demonstrates some licks and goes into detail with the picking. This is a great mellow piece, which is good for the elementary slide guitarist, to build up those slide skills.
  • Acoustic Series 1 - Lesson 5 In this lesson Micky is back with his Resonator guitar in Open D tuning, it is a good job, because this tuning is fantastic and extremely popular with slide guitarists. Micky demonstrates a really nice bluesy piece, with an East Coast, Red River Bluesy twang. As with the other lessons he demonstrates some of the key licks and goes into detail as to the picking technique he uses. It has a nice relaxed turnaround, which sounds brilliant, and he'll show you how to keep a slide in tune and give some insight into fretting notes behind the slide.
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