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Fool For Your Loving

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Series Description

In this series, Whitesnake legend Micky Moody teaches you how to play this classic track the right way. Learn from the person who originally wrote this classic track. This is the most accurate lesson of "Fool For Your Loving" that you will find anywhere in the world today. Micky also teaches you how to achieve the authentic Whitesnake tone and personally prepared the "live' backing track" for you to play along too.

Tutor Description

Legendary Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody has done it all in the world of music, and all guitarists from beginners to those more experienced now have the opportunity to learn from the man himself. Micky shares the secrets behind a variety of playing styles and mastering solo sequences, and even provides you an insight into some of Whitesnake’s biggest hits. Micky Moody is still going strong today with recording and touring, and provides all at Pro Music Tutor with the chance to learn from a living legend.

  • Lesson 1- Intro Verse & Tag In Lesson 1, Micky introduced you to the catchy and instantly recognizable intro to the song. As acknowledged by Micky himself, it is fairly easily from a technical standpoint, the trick to getting the sound right is how you play the guitar. Micky shows you how to play the chords to perfection, demonstrating how to practice each one slowly to generate the correct sound before speeding it up. Finally, Micky shows you how to master the short tag prior to the main verse kicking in, before giving you the opportunity to play the whole thing yourself.
  • Lesson 2 - Bridge & Pre-Chorus Micky moves you onto the Bridge & Pre-Chorus sections of the song in Lesson 2, the first part of which involves two easy chords before moving into the Pre-Chorus riff. As well as demonstrating the finger positions for this section of the song, Micky also shares tips for playing this section if you have two guitars in your band, and how to make it sound a lot more powerful.
  • Lesson 3 - Chorus & Chorus Tag The Chorus & Chorus Tag are two of the longer, more challenging parts of the track, and as such Micky systematically breaks down each section so you can fully understand the chords and positions on the fret board that you need to master. It is worth breaking this part of the track down as suggested by Micky before putting it all together, as you'll find it easier to play the Chorus & Chorus Tag as a whole. After getting the Chrous right, the Tag is relatively straightforward, and once again Micky shares some tips with you for playing it in a live or dual guitar situation.
  • Lesson 4 - Solo & Solo ChordsDuring this lesson, Micky demonstrates the licks that make up the guitar solo to be played over the top of the chords from the Intro Verse, Tag, Bridge & Pre-Chorus. This is another great lesson for those in a band with dual guitarists, and Micky also revisits the chords to give you some ideas for experimenting and creating your own distinct sounds.
  • Lesson 5- Final Chorus The Final Chorus of 'Fool For Your Loving' is slightly different to earlier, although easy to adapt to, and this lesson is much more about moving your sound towards the Final Tag. As in lesson four, Micky gives you some ideas for turning the track into your own sound, and prepares you for the very last sequence.
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