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Slow And Easy

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Series Description

In this series, Whitesnake legend Micky Moody shares the secrets behind playing both the lead slide and rhythm guitars in 'Slow and Easy,' a track co-written by Micky, and one of the bands' most popular tracks even 30 years after its release. The choice of slide or rhythm guitars makes this a great series both for beginners and more advanced players who are looking to build improvisation into already popular tracks and licks. The track is also perfect for those looking to perfect their sense of musical timing or grow their confidence as a lead guitarist in a band.

Tutor Description

Legendary Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody has done it all in the world of music, and all guitarists from beginners to those more experienced now have the opportunity to learn from the man himself. Micky shares the secrets behind a variety of playing styles and mastering solo sequences, and even provides you an insight into some of Whitesnake’s biggest hits. Micky Moody is still going strong today with recording and touring, and provides all at Pro Music Tutor with the chance to learn from a living legend.

  • Lesson 1- Intro In Lesson 1, Micky introduces you to the Intro to 'Slow and Easy,' which is actually a repetition of the same phrase eight times. Despite the relative ease of the music itself, there is a unique way of playing this Intro, and Micky shows you the perfect way to do so and get the distinct sound you need to open this track.
  • Lesson 2 - First Verse The First Verse of 'Slow And Easy' continues with the phrase from the Intro, while also introducing some simple chords as you start to put the track together. Getting the perfect sound here requires some intuitive sliding, although Micky shares what he does with you while allowing you room to improvise yourself, also giving you some ideas for playing the track in a different tone, should you wish to do so.
  • Lesson 3 - Second Verse Micky moves you onto the rockier part of the track in Lesson 3, introducing the powerful riff that opens the verse and showing you how to play it quickly and easily. This is your first real opportunity to attack the instrument in this track as it starts to speed up, before returning to slower rhythm for the main verse. The second verse utilizes a different riff to the first, and Micky shares a trick with you to ensure you're getting the correct raw sound. Following this lesson you'll be able to confidently play the Intro and opening verses to 'Slow and Easy.'
  • Lesson 4 - Chorus 1&2 The Chorus of 'Slow and Easy' continues the Blues Rock style of the whole song, with Micky showing you how to hit the chords you need to play the song to perfection. You'll continue to slide up and down the fret board during the chorus, while there is also an improvisation opportunity for some basic fills within this sequence of music, and Micky gives you two ideas of his own that he often uses when playing the track.
  • Lesson 5- Solo 1 'Slow and Easy' moves back to the rockier end of the scale for the first solo in the track. This is all about mastering the scale, and then experimenting to find the tone you want to play the track in. Micky himself encourages you to play the sound that best fits your own style, meaning you can play the solo as it is or turn it into an improvised series of links perfect for your own tracks.
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