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Building the Blues Series 2

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Series Description

Here, Denny shows you the path to be able to improvise over a minor blues with relative ease. This is a great approach as Denny provides you with the tools to think for yourself and expand your playing, so that you can go beyond the basics and add your own flair and style to the blues, as well as introduce influences from other inspirational genres of music. Denny will take you through his own favourite ideas such as bringing jazz influences into the music, as well as sharing his top tips around getting the best sound effects from your instrument. This series is great for guitar players of all levels.

Tutor Description

Denny Ilett is a self-taught guitarist passionate about jazz history. With over 25 years’ experience in the music industry, which has seen him play with some of the world’s leading musicians, including Pee Wee Ellis, whom he plays with as a regular fixture in his jazz band. As well as passing on his knowledge through his teaching job and role here at Pro Music Tutor, Denny still performs at gigs up to 150 times a year, thrilling crowds with a variety of guitar playing styles.

  • Building The Blues Series 2- Lesson 1 Denny is back for series two with a cracking solo using an A Minor Blues scale. You'll discover some great sounding, really simple licks in this lesson, setting the bar for the remainder of the series. You'll get your fingers around some interesting techniques and be shown how to pick, bend and pull-off in quick succession. Denny also demonstrates a whole twelve-bar sequence, consisting of only five notes - this teaches you how to get a lot of music out of a simple phrase. Denny expands on this idea in the lesson, demonstrating how to add notes to this basic framework to makes it sound more professional.
  • Building The Blues Series 2- Lesson 2 Lesson two begins with another cool Blues solo demonstrated by Denny. This one is a little more up tempo and is great fun to play. Still keeping it simple, Denny demonstrates a vital new Blues technique called 'call and response.' This allows you to make a lot of music, quickly, without the use of too many notes. Denny demonstrates, in detail, exactly what this new technique means and how you can utilize it in your own playing and also within the context of the solo.
  • Building The Blues Series 2- Lesson 3 Denny ups the ante in this lesson by demonstrating another great new technique. This lesson is all about 'chord tones' and how you can utilise them to give your playing more feel and a professional dynamic. Otherwise known as an 'Arpeggio' this technique involves playing notes from the chord separately so that wherever you end up after playing, you should be on a great note to begin soloing with. As ever, Denny explains the new technique, how to play it and utilise it within the context of the lesson and provides it all with that classic, mellow Blues tone we all know and love.
  • Building The Blues Series 2- Lesson 4 In this lesson Denny introduces another great technique which will certainly improve your soloing. The aim of the game for lesson 4 is to understand 'octaves' and begin to get them becoming a part of your solos. These will give your playing more of a dynamic, and makes an important part of a guitarist's repertoire. Denny shows how to find octaves in relation to where you're playing on the neck and shows that they can provide a nice chromatic sound, giving your playing some flavour and new sounds. This lesson uses the notes of the Pentatonic scale and like in the other lessons, Denny explains everything in great detail, so you can make sure you're getting it right.
  • Building The Blues Series 2- Lesson 5 Denny leads you into Jazz territory with this lesson, this will give your Blues playing a little more spice and develop your knowledge of the genre further still. You'll experience a great, challenging solo containing some killer licks. Here, Denny will introduce you to the 'Dorian' scale/ mode which is made by adding notes to an A Minor Pentatonic. This simple addition of notes will allow your playing to learn towards a Jazzy tone, harmony-wise and provides a wider spectrum of notes to play with and experiment. Denny explains how to effectively utilise the Dorian mode within the context of the solo and explains in detail, how to play the solo and use this new mode within your own experimentation.
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