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Building The Blues Series 1

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Series Description

This is a fantastic series if you are wanting to build your own soloing ideas. Denny aims within this series to give you the tools to improvise over a Jimmy Hendrix "Redhouse" style blues. Learn from one of the best blues players around. This series does not go down the traditional route of teaching individual licks. Denny instead endeavours to provide you with the "tools" you need to improvise and come up with your own ideas. In Denny's words "if you want to truly improvise you need to hear the melody in your head and transpose this to your hands" This Series has something for all levels of guitarist.

Tutor Description

Denny Ilett is a self-taught guitarist passionate about jazz history. With over 25 years’ experience in the music industry, which has seen him play with some of the world’s leading musicians, including Pee Wee Ellis, whom he plays with as a regular fixture in his jazz band. As well as passing on his knowledge through his teaching job and role here at Pro Music Tutor, Denny still performs at gigs up to 150 times a year, thrilling crowds with a variety of guitar playing styles.

  • Building The Blues Series 1- Lesson 1 In this first lesson Denny kicks off the series by demonstrating a really simple five note pattern, derived from the Minor Pentatonic scale, played, in the key of A. Denny provides a great deal of information following the demonstration of this pattern, showing that even the simplest of note patterns can make a great deal of music. He takes you through, in detail, how to play the licks and introduces techniques like expression, dynamics and vibrato. This lesson is in the style of Blues legend B.B. King, a perfect way to begin building the blues.
  • Building The Blues Series 1- Lesson 2 Denny continues jamming into the Blues in lesson two. In this lesson he introduces another pentatonic box, which he calls the B.B. King Blues box. He'll demonstrate how to play it in detail, which will compliment what you've learned in lesson one. This extends the Major Pentatonic box, demonstrated in the previous lesson which is sweeter sounding. Denny will show you how to use notes outside of the main solo to help you to develop your Blues playing and begin to develop complexity and show you how to link the first to solos. This is a simple, great lesson for those new to Blues.
  • Building The Blues Series 1- Lesson 3 Denny ramps up the pressure in this video by using it as a combination of lessons one and two. He demonstrates how to link the two previous scales, with an extension, to gain the ultimate Blusey sound. You'll get your fingertips around a long scale form, which spans most of the neck; this will build upon your foundational knowledge and you'll also learn how to join notes on the fingerboard with slides. This will allow you to begin to learn and create longer melodic lines, which differ in character.
  • Building The Blues Series 1- Lesson 4 Here, Denny extends the Minor Pentatonic scale to cover even more of the neck as well as connecting it with the 'Blues Box.' He'll also demonstrate the addition of notes to what you've already seen, namely the Flattened Fifth - transforming the Minor Pentatonic into what is generally known as 'The Blues Scale.' This expands on your knowledge and provides you the opportunity to really break away from the pentatonic and create something original. Denny demonstrates some additional techniques, such as the fast sliding technique helping to connect phrasing along the neck, ultimately creating that lovely long line up the fretboard.
  • Building The Blues Series 1- Lesson 5 This lesson begins to get a little more complex, in order to progress your skills. Denny adds in a few extra notes to further break away from, and superimpose upon the Pentatonic. You'll definitely hear some great new sounds such as the 3rd, 6th, and 9th. This addition of Major tones over the licks you've been learning will make your playing sound a little more chromatic and Denny will also show you how to use your bends to access the chances smoothly and professionally.
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