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Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1

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Welcome to Tony Remy's Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1. In this series, Tony's first for Pro Music Tutor, he takes you through a variety of great techniques that will make you not just a great jazz and blues guitar player, but a better, more rounded guitarist in general. From the introductory lesson where Tony shows you the lick this series is built around, you'll move into looking at bends, hammer-ons, sweeping, and a variety of other techniques that will arm you with the skills to create your own distinct sound. As well as showing you how to carry out these techniques, Tony shares his expert knowledge of ways to improve how you practice and perform them yourself.

Tutor Description

Tony Remy is a pure British guitar legend. The Guitarists Guitarist. Tony has worked with some of the worlds greatest Artists such as Annie Lennox, Herbie Hancock, Jack Bruce, Craig David, Incognito, Pee Wee Ellis, Jean Tousaint and many many more. His flair style and speed simply make him one of the worlds best players. He has also played the biggest stadiums in the world such as Madison Square Garden, Wembley Stadium, Live 8 and many more. Check out Tony's profile video to find out more about this Guitar Hero.

Tutor Tony Remy
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1 - Lesson 1In this lesson, aptly titled Introduction, Tony takes demonstrates a great lick played over two chords. Tony plays around to show you how to make the most out of this lick, also showing how the pentatonic scale fits around this lick and some options you might want to build into your guitar practice. Learn how to play this lick all at once or how to use the individual notes to construct a great sounding piece of music. All this is put together along with Tony's pro tips and advice, giving you a great introduction to jazz blues and concepts and arming you with some brilliant techniques to take with you as you travel through this series.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1 - Lesson 2In lesson two of this jazz and blues concepts series, Tony takes you through Simple Bending. As you might expect from the title of the lesson, Tony is going to talk about and demonstrate how to use bending to create different sounds with your guitar. As well as showing you how to use bending to get from one note to another in a sequence, Tony shares some great tips for making your bending more effective within your music. As Tony says himself, it looks easy, but if you can't bend in tune you're going to struggle! Can you do it?
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1 - Lesson 3In lesson three, called Slides, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs, you'll follow a similar path as the previous lesson looking at Simple Bending. Again, these might already be techniques that you're familiar with, but how you use them and what you do with the sounds are all important, especially as you look to become a more rounded guitarist within the jazz and blues genres. Tony will take you through how to use Slides, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs to make yourself a better guitarist all-round as well as giving you an incredible, distinct sound.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1 - Lesson 4In lesson four you're going to look at Incorporating Double Stops. As with the other lessons you're quickly into learning how to play double stops effectively as part of your music. Once again, Tony provides plenty of expert tips and advice to help you master this technique. Towards the end of the lesson you'll have the opportunity to practice all of the techniques you have learned so far in context with the backing track playing in the background. Have great fun improvising and using these techniques around the lick you learned in lesson one.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 1 - Lesson 5Lesson five is called Simple Sweeping. Tony describes simple sweeping as something that's difficult to pick up, but once you've mastered it you open doors to a wide range of licks and can move around the guitar like a pro. In this lesson, Tony utilizes down stroke sweeping to show you how to get started. After demonstrating simple sweeping Tony shows you how to play them with the backing track on before adding these sweeps to all the techniques you've learned so far.
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