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Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2

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Tony Remy, The Guitarist's Guitarist, is back with his second Jazz and Blues Concepts Series for Pro Music Tutor. This series follows one from series one of the same name, and in this series you'll look at another great range of techniques and tips to help enhance your jazz and blues guitar playing. Join Tony to look at the Blue Note, the Major Third, the 6th, Alternative Double Stops, and Octaves, and arm yourself with some incredible skills that will jazz up your solo improvisations and make you a much better all round guitarist.

Tutor Description

Tony Remy is a pure British guitar legend. The Guitarists Guitarist. Tony has worked with some of the worlds greatest Artists such as Annie Lennox, Herbie Hancock, Jack Bruce, Craig David, Incognito, Pee Wee Ellis, Jean Tousaint and many many more. His flair style and speed simply make him one of the worlds best players. He has also played the biggest stadiums in the world such as Madison Square Garden, Wembley Stadium, Live 8 and many more. Check out Tony's profile video to find out more about this Guitar Hero.

Tutor Tony Remy
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 - Lesson 1The first lesson of Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 is called Introducing the Blue Note. In this lesson you're straight into playing a fresh new lick, with Tony showing how you to use slides and bends to create a great sound and generate a real bluesy tone from your guitar. Once Tony has ran through the lick, the backing track goes on and you get to see the lick being played in context, with plenty of time for you to play along and practice this lick against the backing track for yourself.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 - Lesson 2This lesson is called Introducing the Major Third. This is a straightforward lesson that begins with Tony demonstrating what the Major Third is and how it relates to the Pentatonic Scale. Tony is then quickly into playing the Major Third with the backing track playing for you to play along with him and practice. Tony finishes by sharing some tips for using the Major Third within your music, helping you to get more from your playing and allowing you to use this note to the best possible effect in your own improvisations.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 - Lesson 3Lesson three is called Combining the Major Third and the Blue Note. This lesson is exactly as it sounds, putting together the licks and ideas from the first two lessons to help you put together one great sound. In addition to playing through these licks, Tony shares some excellent practice tips and ideas to help you strengthen your fingers and your ability to play these licks. You'll spend a lot of time in this lesson with the backing track playing as you run through various ideas, including using the blues scale as well as your Major Third and Blue Note from earlier.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 - Lesson 4Lesson four is called Introducing the 6th. The lesson begins with Tony showing you how to play this note, before we quickly get the backing track on and you're running through various ideas and examples of how to play and reach this note in context. As Tony is playing he talks you through some of the key techniques you've learned earlier in series one as well as in this series, and shows you the effect they can have as you run through your improvisations.
  • Jazz and Blues Concepts Series 2 - Lesson 5In lesson five you're going to look at Alternative Double Stops. This lesson opens with Tony quickly revisiting the double stops you worked with in series one, before moving onto the topic of this lesson. Tony shows you how you can combine double stops to create a distinct sound whether you're playing over a jazz or blues scale, while also demonstrating how to use these alongside bends and the other techniques you've learned across these series. Tony then gets the backing track on and shows you how you can use these Alternative Double Stops in context and alongside the other tricks in your repertoire, before sharing an additional pro tip right at the end.
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