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Pentatonic Brutality Series 1

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Series Description

Jamie Hunt in this series takes you on a pentatonic journey to learn some brutal licks. This is pure shredders heaven, and a must for anyone looking to play lead guitar in a metal or hard rock band. Although metal is the inspiration behind this series, the focus of the lessons is how to achieve the distinctive sound using a traditional blues scale. Learn to attack notes and get a great sound from even a handful of simple licks. Jamie will introduce ideas to your playing style so you are well set to develop your own unique riffs and solo improvisation pieces. Intermediate and advanced guitarists would benefit most from this series.

Tutor Description

Jamie Hunt is an energetic and inspirational guitarist, specialising in heavy metal shredding but bringing a variety of styles and musical genres into his own. Jamie has toured across Europe and the United States and has recorded three studio albums. He is currently the guitarist with heavy metal band Biomechanical and is responsible for some great series’ here at Pro Music Tutor.

Tutor Jamie Hunt
  • Pentatonic Brutality Series 1 - Lesson 3 In lesson three, Jamie moves on to play a series of hammer on and pull off sequences over the chord progression, changing positions on the fret board. so that you can become much more confident as you begin to practice more technical musical sequences. Jamie encourages you to put longer and more challenging sequences together from this lesson onwards, introducing a wider range of notes and sounds, which is perfect for transitioning from a verse, into a chorus, and back again. This lesson is great for guitar players of all levels.
  • Pentatonic Brutality Series 1 - Lesson 4 The difficulty level is increased in this solo, and the skills and techniques you learned in lessons two and three will serve you well. Jamie is moving around the fretboard a lot more and introduces hybrid picking and other more advanced picking techniques, which will help you to define your sound and attack more notes in a shorter space of time, ensuring you become more comfortable at being aggressive in your music and fitting the genre. Again, each phrase is broken down carefully, but the sequences are getting a lot longer and quicker, really challenging you to think about how you are playing the guitar.
  • Pentatonic Brutality Series 1 - Lesson 5 This is a great solo and is definitely heading into more advanced territory. Jamie brings together all of the techniques you have learned so far for the toughest sequence of the series. This solo combines blues and jazz inspirations, and will be valuable in helping you to understand techniques you can then introduce to your own improvisation. The blast of the unmistakable metal sounds leads everything, although you will pick up ideas for later putting your own take on everything you learn. Jamie is throwing the licks at you thick and fast now, and it is definitely worth mastering lessons one to four before trying to take on this great solo piece.
  • Pentatonic Brutality Series 1 - Lesson 6 The Pentatonic Brutality series ends with a solo that is pure shredders heaven. A double length "balls out" metal solo with everything from the earlier lessons in the series thrown into the mix. By now, you should have picked up all of Jamie's tricks and tips to allow you to lash out this great tune in minutes. Like many of the other solos in this series, there are clear glimpses of Blues inspiration in everything that Jamie puts together. Killer licks from a killer guitar pro. Enjoy.
  • Pentatonic Brutality Series 1 - Tone and Gear The metal category is probably one of the most important area of guitar playing, where in-depth knowledge of how things are set up will improve your metal sound no end. Jamie explains how he makes the most out of his guitar, amp, and other add-ons such as pedals, to create a distinctive sound, as well as ideas for customising your instrument and tips for producing a great sound in a band where additional guitars might be used.
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