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Progressive Lead Series 1

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Series Description

In this progressive lead series, Jamie will teach you all the techniques and insider tips you need to know to become an accomplished soloist either as an individual guitarist or playing in a band. Although the sounds of progressive lead will be familiar to passionate shredders, this series combines Blues inspirations with a variety of pentatonic sounds to develop your skills. At the end of this series you'll be accomplished at playing long, varying solos that combine almost every guitar playing technique you can think of. This series presents challenging solos from the very first lesson, and is recommended for intermediate and advanced players.

Tutor Description

Jamie Hunt is an energetic and inspirational guitarist, specialising in heavy metal shredding but bringing a variety of styles and musical genres into his own. Jamie has toured across Europe and the United States and has recorded three studio albums. He is currently the guitarist with heavy metal band Biomechanical and is responsible for some great series’ here at Pro Music Tutor.

Tutor Jamie Hunt
  • Progressive Lead Series 1 - Lesson 2 Lesson two takes you straight back into hammer-ons and pull offs as you tackle another challenging series of licks. Pay close attention to this lesson as Jamie shows you how to move around the fret board effectively in order to hit each lick with perfect timing. Jamie also shares his secrets for playing vastly different notes in close succession while keeping certain strings muted, and once again there is plenty of repetition and opportunities for you to keep up with each part of the lesson as you continue your journey through the progressive lead series.
  • Progressive Lead Series 1 - Lesson 3 You're now moving into a fast and furious, yet melodic solo which is more about adapting to the increasing speed and succession of the licks than continuing to master the techniques that you should have honed in lessons one and two, although they are all still present here. This solo uses a lot of open strings, so depending on your preferred style of playing it could prove a little easier or more difficult than usual, but either way it is sure to challenge your guitar playing skills. Take your time putting the licks from lesson three together, and you'll be ready to meet Jamie in lesson four.
  • Progressive Lead Series 1 - Lesson 4 You're really moving along into advanced guitar playing now, this solo beginning with a number of slide sequences before moving in to hammer-ons, pull offs, string bends, and Jamie's other tips and techniques from earlier. Although Jamie goes through the licks slowly, you'll probably find that you're more confident and comfortable playing the licks at pace, which is a great measure of your progress so far. This solo utilizes all of the fret board, and you'll need to be able to play quickly, and we suggest you master it and feel 100% confident before moving onto the final two lessons.
  • Progressive Lead Series 1 - Lesson 5 At this stage of the progressive lead series, it is all about maintaining performance throughout a piece of music and developing your confidence for playing longer solos and eventually full tracks. Lesson five's solo uses a lot of Blues and Pentatonic licks, and while there is a few unusual note sequences that might challenge you, Jamie shows you the easiest way to deal with awkward movements and ensure you play each note separately. The speed and range of movement should be second nature by now, and you should be starting to feel confident enough to improvise your own progressive lead solos.
  • Progressive Lead Series 1 - Lesson 6 The final lesson in the progressive lead series challenges you to play a full-length solo at breakneck speed using all of the techniques Jamie has shared with you in the previous five lessons. Despite your ability and confidence being higher than ever, Jamie continues to carefully repeat each sequence several times to ensure you're certain to get it right, the solo lasts just over a minute and the lesson almost half an hour! By the time you've mastered it, however, you'll have everything you need in your repertoire to play stunning progressive lead solos, either on your own or in a band situation.
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