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Building The Blues Series 1

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Series Description

Building the Blues Series 1 aims to give beginner saxophone players the tools to start finding their own unique voice in the sax blues genre. This major blues backing track, recorded live in our studio, provides a fantastic tool to aid the learning process whilst making it fun at the same time. James takes you through the first incremental steps of becoming a master blues improviser. He demonstrates and talks over this backing track to put things into context, and to make it as easy as possible for you to 'pick up' these invaluable improvisation techniques.

Tutor Description

James Morton has been playing sax since the age of eight. Now one of the most exciting jazz artists on the European music scene, James now plays solo gigs as well as with groups, including a James Brown tribute alongside Pee Wee Ellis, and another alongside Andy Sheppard. James has also worked with Pendulum and Kasabian, among other popular contemporary artists, and is a great tutor for anyone looking to bring edge and excitement to their own sax playing.

  • Building The Blues Series 1 - Lesson 1In this first online sax lesson of Building the Blues Series 1, James explains what a 12 bar blues actually is. It is important to understand how this sequence of chords is made up and why it forms the basis to the most common form of blues. James explains the chord changes whilst the backing track is actually playing, so you get an idea of what you need to be playing while familiarising yourself with the track. This is great for players wanting to start improvising over the blues, and provides a great platform from which to start your journey of blues improvisation.
  • Building The Blues Series 1 - Lesson 2To start your journey into blues improvisation James shows you how to play the minor pentatonic scale in G. This is the first step to be able to improvise over a 12 bar blues progression such as this. James explains and demonstrates how this scale works over our live backing track so you can go away and play it yourself. This lesson will help you to understand and put these scales and practice methods into context and ultimately make the overall mission of Building the Blues easier to understand. Learn fun innovative ways to practice these scales with James's help and guidance.
  • Building The Blues Series 1 - Lesson 3We've called this lesson 'Keep it Simple, Keep it Bluesy,' and you'll quickly begin to see why. Keeping your approach to your music simple is an important skill when learning how to play the blues, and more difficult than you might think. If you can keep your blues playing simple, you will be able to hone your creative ideas and focus on the important elements that will make your improvisations sound incredible . James again uses the backing track in this lesson as a great learning aid by talking and playing over the track. This again really helps you to understand how these improvising techniques work in reality and take the next step to mastering the blues.
  • Building The Blues Series 1 - Lesson 4This lesson is all about learning how to recognise chord changes and being able to apply the right notes to the right chords. This is the basis to be able to start playing over chord changes. This requires you to be able to hear the chord changes and react accordingly. James provides clear instruction over our backing track to make it easy for you to understand. This will provide you with structure to your practice regime enabling you to become a more proficient and confident improviser more quickly.
  • Building The Blues Series 1 - Lesson 5In this lesson James explains the concept of 'resolution'. This will help you use the concept of 'tension and release' when improvising across the 12 bar blues scale. This is a great skill to have as it takes the listener on a journey through your music, and helps you to create the feeling of storytelling throughout your improvisations. This is what the professional saxophonists are so good at and what you will learn through practising all the elements featured in this series. James spends this lesson showing you how the 'targeting' of the resolution will help you to improve your improvisation skills across the blues scale.
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