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Building The Blues Series 3

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Series Description

Following on from Building The Blues Series 1 and 2 is the brilliant Building The Blues Series 3. This series is slightly more advanced than the other Building the Blues series but can be purchased alongside the other series or on its own. This series concentrates primarily on the Major Pentatonic, or what James calls 'The Gospel Scale'. Having the tools and concepts that James provides within this series gives you the 'light and shade' diversity you need to sound great when improvising over a blues progression. The best solos have a combination of everything that James has taught within the last 3 Building The Blues Series. Use his knowledge and experience to your advantage and become a better saxophone player.

Tutor Description

James Morton has been playing sax since the age of eight. Now one of the most exciting jazz artists on the European music scene, James now plays solo gigs as well as with groups, including a James Brown tribute alongside Pee Wee Ellis, and another alongside Andy Sheppard. James has also worked with Pendulum and Kasabian, among other popular contemporary artists, and is a great tutor for anyone looking to bring edge and excitement to their own sax playing.

  • Building The Blues Series 3 - Lesson 1In this first lesson James explains in detail what the Major Pentatonic, or Gospel Scale actually is. James demonstrates this scale explaining fully the notes that make up this scale and what chords in the sequence they relate too. This lesson is an interactive lesson where James demonstrates these scales over the backing track, whilst providing you with a 'running commentary' of how to play these scales and where? This is a great online sax lesson from a great tutor and player.
  • Building The Blues Series 3 - Lesson 2This lesson is all about the 6th or the natural 13th, and being able to 'highlight its qualities' and in James's terms "squeezing the juice out of it". This is a skill in itself. In this interactive lesson James shows you various combinations of notes that work incredibly well with the 6th and how they sound over this 'live' backing track. These concepts and techniques will 'add to your armoury' and provide you with 'more colours' to use when improvising over the blues. We hope you enjoy it.
  • Building The Blues Series 3 - Lesson 3James has named this lesson 'Other Cool Notes'. In this lesson James again shows you certain combinations of notes and phrases that just sound good. You can again take these notes and concepts and 'add them' to your artists paint pad. This will provide you with a wider range of options when improvising over the blues. Take these ideas and concepts to a Jam session and try them out? Again James demonstrates these concepts and ideas over the backing track that really puts them into context.
  • Building The Blues Series 3 - Lesson 4This is a conceptual lesson about 'building a solo' and how to improve your dynamics and provide 'tension and release' within your blues solos. Improvising is not just about what notes you play. To be a great player you also need to 'utilise dynamics' to take the listener on an interesting journey. James provides you with additional tools within this lessons to help you improve your dynamics and 'think about them' whilst you are playing. This will ultimately help you become a more professional player.
  • Building The Blues Series 3 - Lesson 5In this lesson James provides you with some 'licks and language' that you can incorporate into your blues soloing straight away. These musical phrases are used by James himself in his own solos. These licks work extremely well over this blues chord progression and will provide you with even more options when improvising over this great backing track. These licks can be transposed into other keys and used by Alto or Tenor players. More for your toolbox.
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