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Latin Improvisation Series 1

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Series Description

Latin Improvisation Series 1 marks the long awaited debut of Roberto Manzin here at Pro Music Tutor. In this series you will learn a variety of exciting techniques used by Roberto himself that have helped him to become one of the world's leading saxophonists. Latin Improvisation Series 1 also brings a new live recorded backing track, titled Cha Cha, to Pro Music Tutor, and created in conjunction with some of the United Kingdom's leading musicians. Try Roberto Manzin's Latin Improvisation Series 1 now, and learn some amazing sax tips and tricks from a world leading saxophonist!

Tutor Description

Roberto Manzin is undoubtedly one of the best Saxophone players in the world. He has developed his own unique fiery style over a lifetime of playing. His talent for playing the Saxophone has taken him all over the world playing and recording with best musicians on the planet. Here at Promusic we are very happy to have Roberto as one of our tutors and we are sure he will help many people. To find out more about Roberto's life check out his Artist's Profile Video.

  • Latin Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 1In Lesson 1, titled Structure and Form, Robero introduces you to his personal approach to Latin Improvisation. Roberto talks about different approaches to playing Latin Improvisation notes using your Tenor sax, also explaining some of the chords he will reference throughout this whole series of online saxophone lessons. Roberto first talks over the backing track prompting when you would play a particular chord and also going through the construction of solo sections within a larger piece of music. Begin to familiarise yourself with the different blocks within the backing track and move onto lesson two.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 2In Lesson two, called The Modal Approach, Roberto introduces a variety of notes and scales you can use when playing along to the Cha Cha backing track, which features two chords. Roberto starts by going through the notes of the F Major and G Minor scales, which you will need in order to put Roberto's Latin Improvisation ideas into practice. This lesson also features Roberto discussing how to move seamlessly from one note to another to keep your improvisations and solos flowing beautifully, with some excellent demonstrations and practices you can use to help perfect your use of these scales.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 3Lesson three, called Rhythm Templates, is definitely one where the clue is in the title! Roberto's focus here is on creating interesting, storytelling pieces of music through the use of melody and rhythm. These are particularly crucial elements to consider when playing Latin music, and after a brief recap of what you've covered so far, Roberto is straight into playing and demonstrating how to use melody and rhythm effectively in your Latin Improvisation, while also providing a range of ideas for making your solos more interesting, which will be a great help when it comes to playing pure Latin improvisations 'off the cuff.'
  • Latin Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 4Lesson four, Space and Rests, is another where you can guess what's coming. In this lesson Roberto does a brilliant job of demonstrating how even short and subtle spaces and rests in your Latin solos can help you to create a completely different sounding piece of music. You'll learn about how and where to place your spaces and rests for best effect within your music, This is a fantastic technique to practice when you have the backing track playing loud in the background; play along with Roberto for now and learn how to use spaces and rests within your solos like a pro.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 5Lesson five, Downbeat and Upbeat, looks at how to use both of these styles either individually or mixed up with each other to create a different sounding rhythm and melody. Roberto will explain the importance of downbeat and upbeat within your music, and you might even discover that you've been listening to or playing this technique for years without even realising it! Roberto continues the lesson by demonstrating both downbeat and upbeat notes while playing along to the Cha Cha backing track, showing you how they can be effective on their own or used alongside one another.
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