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Latin Improvisation Series 2

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Series Description

Latin Improvisation Series 2 is the second series created by Roberto Manzin for Pro Music Tutor. Building on the great collection of lessons featured in Latin Improvisation Series 1, this series looks at a variety of additional techniques to help you master Latin Improvisation with your saxophone, including the use of accents and articulation, arpeggios, and a modal approach to the minor pentatonic scale. Get set to take your sax knowledge up a gear and be ready to play some incredible Latin solos on your saxophone.

Tutor Description

Roberto Manzin is undoubtedly one of the best Saxophone players in the world. He has developed his own unique fiery style over a lifetime of playing. His talent for playing the Saxophone has taken him all over the world playing and recording with best musicians on the planet. Here at Promusic we are very happy to have Roberto as one of our tutors and we are sure he will help many people. To find out more about Roberto's life check out his Artist's Profile Video.

  • Latin Improvisation Series 2 - Lesson 1Latin Improvisation Series 2 kicks off with a lesson called Accents, and follows on from all the great tips and tricks we hope you have learned in Latin Improvisation Series 1. This lesson is all about looking at how you can use different accents across the same scale to give yourself a whole new sound and flavour to your music. Roberto explains the purpose of 'La Clave' and why it is so important in the Latin genre in the context of accents. Explanation complete, you're straight into playing different accents and notes with Roberto.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 2 - Lesson 2In lesson two, Articulation, Roberto briefly recaps the previous Accents lesson before moving onto the subject of this lesson. The reasoning behind this: improving your sax articulation techniques will help make you even better at performing your accents as well as a range of other playing styles. Roberto is then straight into playing and demonstrating how you can use articulation effectively within your own Latin improvisations. By the end of this lesson you'll be playing your accents with ease and have some great ideas to use when playing Latin style music yourself.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 2 - Lesson 3Lesson three, Intervals, Roberto is straight into to demonstrating the use of this technique on a scale, running through all the note sequences before putting on the Cha Cha backing track and demonstrating both how these notes sound in context as well as some other ideas for Latin improvisation. Roberto also re-introduces accents in this lesson, gradually progressing into more complex aspects of storytelling with your saxophone, and helping you to play around within a scale to create a brilliant sound. A great lesson as you progress on your journey to playing like a pro.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 2 - Lesson 4In lesson four Roberto moves onto teaching you about the use of arpeggios within Latin Improvisation. As with the other lessons in Latin Improvisation Series 2, Roberto is quickly into playing the instrument and demonstrating the use of arpeggios. As this lesson showcases a higher level of technical ability, Roberto takes his time to break down all the notes before putting them together to play all at once. This is great for helping you to practice certain musical sections both now as well as if you need to refer back to a certain point in the video in future.
  • Latin Improvisation Series 2 - Lesson 5In lesson five, called the Modal Approach to Minor Pentatonic, Roberto once again ramps up the complexity of the techniques while continuing to give you amazing tips and ways to add to your own Latin Improvisation saxophone playing. Roberto takes the time to talk you through all the relevant note sequences before playing them for you to copy or style into your own improvisation. By the end of this lesson you'll be playing along with Roberto and our Cha Cha backing track using everything taught in this lesson as well as your favourite tips and tricks from the others in Latin Improvisation Series 2.
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