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Minor 2,5,1's Series 1

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Series Description

Welcome to James Morton's Minor 2,5,1's Series 1. This collection of saxophone lessons is perfect for anyone looking to become adept at playing jazz on their sax, although the principles behind Minor 2,5,1's can equally be applied to a wide range of genres, including Latin, Blues, and Rock. This first series looks at scales and arpeggios, and intertwines nicely with the Major 2,5,1's series also found here at Pro Music Tutor. Join James for six fresh and exciting lessons designed to help you improve your command of your saxophone.

Tutor Description

James Morton has been playing sax since the age of eight. Now one of the most exciting jazz artists on the European music scene, James now plays solo gigs as well as with groups, including a James Brown tribute alongside Pee Wee Ellis, and another alongside Andy Sheppard. James has also worked with Pendulum and Kasabian, among other popular contemporary artists, and is a great tutor for anyone looking to bring edge and excitement to their own sax playing.

  • Minor 2,5,1's Series 1 - Lesson 1In lesson one, Introducing Minor 2,5,1's, James opens up by explaining the importance of 2,5,1's in jazz music, as well as how it fits into other genres including Latin and rock, and the difference between Major and Minor 2,5,1's. James begins the series by talking through the notes you'll play across your 2,5,1's, moving into some basic ear training using our backing track to help you understand where you'd play each note in context. James then plays these notes while the backing track is playing to help you gain a full understanding of where you'll use Minor 2,5,1's. A great introductory lesson before moving onto lesson two.
  • Minor 2,5,1's Series 1 - Lesson 2Lesson two, Minor 2,5,1 scales, begins with James explaining how you will use the Harmonic Minor scale throughout this series while playing your chord sequences. James is then straight into playing the notes across the scale. Practising playing the Harmonic Minor scale in both directions in time will really help you to get a grip of Minor 2,5,1's. James then moves into looking at the E Harmonic Minor and how you'll use it with your Minor 2,5,1's, before covering the other scales you're going to need in this series to leave you with everything you need to move onto the next lessons.
  • Minor 2,5,1's Series 1 - Lesson 3Lesson three moves onto looking at Minor 2,5,1 arpeggios. James opens by explaining how you're going to use chord tones to play these arpeggios, and the specific chord tones you'll be applying in this lesson. You'll then move straight into putting these arpeggios together, while James also spends time examining scales again so you can play them in time, as well as sharing a couple of different practice techniques you might want to use when mastering your arpeggios.
  • Minor 2,5,1's Series 1 - Lesson 4Lesson four, Scales in Context, revisits the scales James covered in detail in lesson two, this time playing them with the backing track in the background. If you've taken the time to get all the scales under your fingers then this lesson should act as a natural progression within this Minor 2,5,1's collection. James is quickly into playing the scales over the backing track before leaving room for you to play them yourself. James helps with prompts to enable you to nail the timing as you play these scales in context before moving onto lesson five.
  • Minor 2,5,1's Series 1 - Lesson 5Lesson five, Arpeggios in Context, takes a similar structure to the previous lesson. Again, you should make sure you have mastered these arpeggios before moving onto this lesson. James opens by playing the arpeggios and explaining how to use them, before putting on the backing track and moving into playing them in context. Once again James leaves plenty of room for you to play yourself, and prompts you when to come in to help you master these arpeggios and play them perfectly in time.
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