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Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1

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Series Description

James is back at Pro Music Tutor with Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1. In this series you'll learn a wide range of techniques to turn you into a master at creating funky licks and solo improvisations using your tenor sax. From simple concepts such as using the minor pentatonic and blues scales to adding new notes and your own funky sounds, if you're a tenor or soprano sax player interested in funk, this is the series for you.

Tutor Description

James Morton has been playing sax since the age of eight. Now one of the most exciting jazz artists on the European music scene, James now plays solo gigs as well as with groups, including a James Brown tribute alongside Pee Wee Ellis, and another alongside Andy Sheppard. James has also worked with Pendulum and Kasabian, among other popular contemporary artists, and is a great tutor for anyone looking to bring edge and excitement to their own sax playing.

  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 1Lesson one is called Penatonic and Blues scales. In this lesson, James introduces the tenor funk improvisation series and explaining which elements of funk he's going to cover over the next six lessons before moving straight into playing the instrument. As the title of the lesson suggests, James uses the time here to explore the minor pentatonic and blues scales on his tenor sax. James concludes the lesson with some great tips for playing the pentatonic and blues scales with the backing track in the background, and how to get the most out of doing this.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 2In lesson two of this tenor series, called Funky Licks, James moves onto giving you some great licks to get under your fingers using the minor pentatonic and blues scales that you will have started to master from lesson one. James walks you through these licks slowly as well as in real time, helping you get a feel of how to move from note to note outside of simply playing up and down the scales. By the end of this lesson you'll be playing these licks with James with the backing track playing in the background.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 3Lesson three, titled Three Note Groupings, is designed to help you be able to come up with your own funky licks and improvisations. This lesson is all about teaching you to play within your limitations and own confidence levels to produce funky sounding licks that you can improvise at any time, whether you're playing on your own or with a backing band. By the end of this Three Note Groupings lesson, you'll be comfortable taking any three notes from either the minor pentatonic or blues scales and creating brilliant licks of your own.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 4In lesson four, called Natural 6th or 13th, James introduces this new note, showing how to build it into your funk improvisation repertoire on your tenor sax. This is a short lesson that starts with James showing you how to play the note, followed by the backing track going on and James showing you all the options you have for finding the note in your licks. By the end of this lesson you'll be comfortable using the natural 6th or 13th and be putting together great licks with funky notes either side of the new ones you've learned here.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 1 - Lesson 5Lesson five is called Funky Fake Fingerings. In this lesson, James is going to show you some different ways to finger to create new and exciting funky sounds using your tenor sax. James will work through a number of different funky sounds, going slow them slowly before demonstrating how you might play them within a bigger sax lick. The lesson ends with James showing off these funky fake fingerings while the backing track plays, talking you through what he's doing at the same time.
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