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Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3

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Series Description

Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 builds further on the lessons from the first two series and introduces a number of advanced playing styles, enabling you to add even more to your repertoire as a tenor or soprano funk sax player. In this series, you will work mainly on the dominant 7th scales with James, also working on arpeggios and how to mix up these scales and arpeggios. There is plenty of interactivity in this series and you'll spend most of these lessons in a full on jam session with James!

Tutor Description

James Morton has been playing sax since the age of eight. Now one of the most exciting jazz artists on the European music scene, James now plays solo gigs as well as with groups, including a James Brown tribute alongside Pee Wee Ellis, and another alongside Andy Sheppard. James has also worked with Pendulum and Kasabian, among other popular contemporary artists, and is a great tutor for anyone looking to bring edge and excitement to their own sax playing.

  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 - Lesson 1The first lesson of Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 looks at Recognising Form. In this lesson, James introduces the Dominant 7th chord to these funk series, and talks about this fits in with the structure of our Trifle Funk backing track, which you will already be familiar with if you've gone through the first two series. James then goes through the structure of the dominant 7th before putting the backing track on and helping you to recognise where they appear in the track. Once you're familiar with the structure of the backing track and the form of the chords you can start joining in as James talks you through.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 - Lesson 2In lesson two, you will move onto looking at the scales that go with the dominant 7th chords that James introduced in lesson one. James first speaks about the difference between major and dominant scales before moving straight into demonstrating the dominant 7th scales. James walks you through all these scales slowly to enable you to get them under your fingers, before playing them along with the backing track. See if you can match the dominant 7th scales with the chords in the backing track! Make sure you take the time to practice these before moving onto lesson three.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 - Lesson 3In lesson three, James looks at the dominant 7th arpeggios to help you get these under your fingers in order to build them into your funky licks and improvisations. James talks through each arpeggio and demonstrates them both slowly and at full speed, before putting on the backing track so you can play along in real time and maybe even start putting together your own funky improvisations using your tenor sax.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 - Lesson 4In lesson four, James introduces some concepts behind mixing up the scales and arpeggios you have been learning throughout this series so far. James begins the lesson by demonstrating the range of places you can put your arpeggios into your licks, before the backing track goes on and James plays the scale for you to play the arpeggio in response. This is a great interactive lesson that will really help you master scales and arpeggios. Towards the end of the lesson there is an opportunity to start improvising and using these scales and arpeggios to put together your own funky licks.
  • Tenor Funk Improvisation Series 3 - Lesson 5In lesson five, called Chord Tones and Improv Ideas, get ready to get creative and put together your own funky licks. Before you jump right into it, James revisits some of the chords you looked at in lesson three, to help ensure you've mastered them and have the confidence to put these chords and tones into your own improvisations. Most of this lesson takes place with the backing track playing to help you get accustomed to playing with the music.
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