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    Is Reading Guitar Tabs Easy? by admin July 13,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 When you are starting out your guitar playing hobby, you will soon come across with something called ‘tabs’. The guitar tablature or guitar tabs is a special system of music notation that helps guitarists play specific songs without necessarily learning to read standard sheet music. So how easy is it to read guitar tabs? Mixed […] Details
  • Sadness and Sorrow. Hope is behind.
    Why Can’t I Play Guitar Chords? by admin July 9,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 When you start playing guitar chords, it might feel like you are hitting your head on the wall. The chords are the bread and butter of playing the guitar, but they aren’t the easiest part of learning to play. Until you master them, progress can be slow and painful. So, what are the most common […] Details
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    Are Guitar Lessons Necessary? by admin June 18,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 If you have ever looked at guitar forums or learning guides, you’ve probably noticed the two distinct groups of people: those who believe guitar lessons are necessary and those who think you don’t need them. But who’s right?      The Negatives  In truth, both the advantages and the disadvantages of taking guitar lessons depend […] Details
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    Which Guitarists Couldn’t Read Music? by admin June 16,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 To read or not to read – that is the question! It is, indeed, one of the most heated questions in music, with some arguing the ability to read is necessary and others saying you shouldn’t ever bother trying.  It’s easy to assume the best guitar players of our times must be able to read […] Details
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    Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? by admin June 11,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 When you start looking into learning to play an instrument, such as the guitar, you’ll be flooded with opinions on the different ways to do it. The Internet is full of different methods and tricks guaranteeing you’ll be playing smooth tunes in no time.  But can you really learn to play the guitar so quickly […] Details

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