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    How Much Does it Cost to Learn Guitar? by admin August 27,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 When you are starting out to learn the guitar, the cost can be an important factor in determining whether to learn on your own or to take some lessons. Depending on the type of lesson you go with, the costs can vary a great deal. So, what should you be prepared to pay? Hiring a […] Details
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    Picking up a Guitar for the First Time at 40 by admin August 17,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Sometimes when people reach a certain age, they start doing odd things – at least according to the outside world that’s watching them. They might buy a motorcycle, start ballroom dancing or pick up a guitar and wish to play! Some people call this the midlife crisis, while it could simply just be the newfound […] Details
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    Our Favourite 10 Guitar Solos Ever by admin August 3,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Nothing beats a great guitar solo. The world’s greatest guitarists are at their best when they get to showcase their talent and pour their heart and soul into the solo. Here are ten of our favourite guitar solos of all times. All Along the Watchtower – Jimmy Hendrix The well-deserving king of guitar solos has […] Details
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    Are Guitar Chords to Same as Piano Chords? by admin July 23,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Chords are the bread and butter of learning to play an instrument. But are the chords transferable from one instrument to another? If you know how to play specific chords on the piano, can you automatically know how to play them on the guitar? Here’s a look at the similarities and differences between guitar and […] Details
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    Top 5 Relaxing Guitar Tracks by admin July 20,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Music is a powerful tool to help you relax and escape to your own little world for a little while when the going gets tough. If you ever feel like the world is getting on your nerve, just turn on one of the following guitar tracks, have a hot cup of tea and feel your […] Details

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