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    Understanding the Major Pentatonic Scale by admin May 21,2015 in Guitar Tips Tags: , Comments: 0 Scales make creating guitar solos a lot easier and if you understand the main scale patterns, you can better understand which chords go well together and create a cool sound. The major pentatonic scale isn’t necessarily the favourite scale to learn among guitarists, but it nonetheless adds much more depth to your guitar playing. If […] Details
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    10 Great Tracks for Novice Guitarists by admin May 18,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 When you are learning to play the guitar, you don’t want to spend all of your time just playing three different songs. But finding enough songs when you don’t know more than a few chords can be tough. To help you out and to add a bit more variety to your playlist, here are 10 […] Details
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    Must Learn Vintage Guitar Tracks by admin May 14,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Sometimes the best way to learn about music is by going back to the start. Although recent decades have seen some amazing guitar riffs you want to learn, a number of songs from the golden era of music can also enhance your playing. Here are some of the must learn vintage guitar tracks you need […] Details
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    Guitar Technique: Don’t Overdo It! by admin May 11,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Guitar playing is a lot to do with finding the right technique. If you master the technique, you can conquer any style of guitar playing you want.  When it comes to guitar technique, you will need to put in many hoursto hone your skills. It is crucial to do this, since if you learn the […] Details
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    How to Master Finger Rolling by admin May 7,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 One of the trickiest parts of playing the guitar is playing notes in the same fret but on different strings. As with most guitar issues, there are different ways to overcome this problem.  Most often people just practice hard to use a different finger for each note, but you could take the finger rolling approach […] Details

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