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    Do Online Guitar Lessons Work? by admin June 8,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 We are naturally a bit biased at Pro Music Tutor to answer this question, but we honestly believe there are plenty of benefits to taking online guitar lessons. So, what do we think are the great benefits to online guitar lessons? You Decide When You Learn Online guitar lessons give you the freedom to choose […] Details
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    Understanding the Minor Pentatonic Scale by admin June 4,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Scales are the core buildings blocks for any guitarist. If you want to take your skills to the next level, understanding how different scales work is essential.  The major scale is one of the most important scales to learn, but the minor pentatonic scale follows closely behind it. If you are into blues or rock, […] Details
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    Slide Guitar Essentials by admin June 2,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 One of the most fun things about playing the guitar is the amount of different techniques to try. You can try picking, strumming and even bending to create amazing sounds!  Among the most fun techniques is the sliding technique. This technique creates a unique and cool sound, but you need to practise quite a bit […] Details
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    Understanding the Major Scale by admin May 28,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 If you’d have to pick something fundamental to the western harmony in music, it would be the major scale.  You most likely even know it already! If you’ve ever heard the famous Sound of Music song, then you’ve been introduced to the major scale. If you aren’t familiar with the tune, then you can listen […] Details
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    An Introduction to Guitar Modes by admin May 25,2015 in Guitar Tips Comments: 0 Guitar theory isn’t the most enjoyable part of playing the guitar, but if you want to enhance your skills and take your playing to the next level, you need to learn the basics.  Guitar modes can seem especially tricky, and in truth, they are quite a tough concept to understand. But like with all guitar […] Details

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