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    How to Improve the Tone of Your Sax by admin September 24,2015 in How-To Comments: 0 One of the most common struggles new saxophone players must overcome is the quality of the tone. The saxophone isn’t the easiest instrument to play, as you need to learn to manipulate the airflow in order to create the unique and pure tone. If you are struggling with a rough tone, sudden squeaks or bad […] Details
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    5 Great Sax Rhythm Exercises by admin September 21,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Beginner saxophonists tend to put a lot of their effort in playing scales, learning the right tone and tune adjustments, as well as running patterns. But knowing how to play rhythm is also important and it will in most cases improve your overall playing. Below are five simple exercises that’ll help you play in odd-meters […] Details
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    Ear Training for Sax Players by admin September 14,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Playing the saxophone isn’t only about the right finger positions and the ability to create a smooth sound. A large part of your ability to play will depend on your so-called musical ear. You need to be able to listen to the subtle differences in intervals, scale degrees and chords, as this will boost your […] Details
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    How to Master the Altissimo Range by admin September 10,2015 in How-To Comments: 0 The altissimo range is something many saxophonists keep tinkering with even after years of playing. It’s among the biggest frustration points of any new sax player and the reason many feel like giving up. But before you pack your saxophone permanently to its box, try the following tips. While mastering the altissimo range will never […] Details
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    How to Fatten Your Sax Sound by admin September 8,2015 in How-To Comments: 0 Do you love the deep, resonating sounds of saxophones? If the ‘fat’ sounds of Jesse Davis get you excited, then this post is going to help you add a bit more resonance to your playing. Fattening your sax sound can be done in many ways and a combination of the following tips often works the […] Details

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