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  • What to Look for When Buying a Used Saxophone by admin September 22,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 When you decide to buy a musical instrument, you have the choice between a new and a used instrument.  For some, this is a no-brainer; they want to buy a new instrument so it is “theirs” and allows them to get to know the instrument and strike up a partnership with it. At the same […] Details
  • How to Become Great at Sax Improvisation by admin August 26,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Learning how to play the saxophone is a great achievement in itself, and the beauty of the instrument, like most others, is that you can spend your life indulging in a journey to master it, getting close but often realising that you’ll never stop learning something new each time you pick it up and play. […] Details
  • How to Buy a Mouthpiece for a Saxophone by admin August 4,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 In order to make the best sound with your saxophone, you need to pay attention to the mouthpiece you use. The saxophone mouthpiece helps to create all the different tones in your saxophone and you must think carefully about what type of sax sound is the right for you. When it comes to buying a […] Details
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    How to Find A Saxophone Tutor by admin July 21,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 Learning a new instrument is always a fun challenge to take. Acquiring the ability to play a musical instrument is definitely worth all the practice required. Saxophone is one of those instruments that just sound amazing, but it also isn’t the easiest instrument to master. When it comes to learning to play the saxophone, finding […] Details
  • Top 5 Songs Featuring Baritone Saxophones by admin July 17,2014 in Saxophone Tips Comments: 0 When it comes to quality saxophone music there isn’t much that beats proper baritone sax. This dark and witty instrument has been an amazing addition to saxophone music in a wide variety of genres. Although names like Duke Ellington and Gerry Mulligan are the first to come up when you think about baritone saxophone music, […] Details

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