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    5 People You Never Knew Played Sax by admin September 3,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Playing an instrument such as the saxophone can give you so much enjoyment that it isn’t any wonder celebrities are also skilful players. In fact, a number of famous people from actors to economists have mastered the art of saxophone playing outside their day jobs. Here’s a look at five people you probably didn’t know […] Details
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    Are Pets Sensitive to the Sound of Saxophones? by admin August 24,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 Do you have a pet that hides away as soon as you take out your saxophone? Your pet feeling anxious while you play might not always be a sign that you need more sax lessons, but be caused by pets’ sensitivity to sounds. So, what’s going on when your pet is hiding away from your […] Details
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    5 Challenges When Learning to Play Sax by admin August 20,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 The saxophone is a fantastic instrument to learn to play, but it is not the easiest by any means. While anyone, within the physical requirements, can learn to play the saxophone, you will need to overcome a few challenges along the way. Here are five of the biggest challenges you must conquer when learning to […] Details
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    Introducing James Morton’s Top Series by admin June 25,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 If you are looking for saxophone lessons online, you should definitely check out what James Morton has on offer. His lessons here at Pro Music Tutor will teach you a lot about how to improvise with the saxophone and the best techniques to take your playing to the next level. James has been playing the […] Details
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    5 Tips for Finding a Sax Tutor by admin June 22,2015 in Music Industry Comments: 0 If you are interested in learning to play the saxophone, you should definitely consider finding yourself a sax tutor. Learning with a tutor can help you master the skills and techniques a lot faster and make sure you start your journey with the saxophone on the right footing.  But what are the best ways to […] Details

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