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Pure Funk Series 1

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Series Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is your tutor for this brilliant series looking at Pure Funk styles. By completing this series, you'll be exposing yourself to a vast array of funk guitar techniques, with inspirations found from legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix. Whether it is a slow and relaxed rhythm or a quicker, upbeat piece of funk, you'll find it all here, with Jerry on hand to provide expert information, insider tricks and tips, and practical, easy to put into action advice throughout the series.

Tutor Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is a versatile guitarist known for his skills across a variety of styles, including jazz and rhythm and blues. Jerry has been inspired by a number of amazing guitarists throughout history, and is a popular session musician and tutor while continuing to tour with a number of bands playing a variety of styles. Jerry was also one of the featured guitarists on the soundtrack of the acclaimed 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina. Check out Jerry’s series’ here at Pro Music Tutor and learn some great guitar skills for yourself.

  • Pure Funk Series 1- Lesson 1 In this first lesson of Pure Funk Series 1, Jerry introduces you to some basic funk riffs to give you a gentle start to this series. Jerry begins by explaining to you how to set up your instrument for a great funk sound, and then how to play dead sounds by muting all of the strings on your guitar. Jerry then moves into other techniques that are essential for playing strong and robust funk licks, before deconstructing the solo featured in the lesson and giving you all the information you need to know in order to perfect it.
  • Pure Funk Series 1- Lesson 2 This lesson immediately moves into a longer solo, and combines a lot of what you covered in the first lesson with some additional funk techniques. As this is a long solo, Jerry breaks everything down slowly and gradually builds up to playing increasingly bigger pieces it. Jerry also explains why using particular techniques are important; you'll know exactly why you should be doing something, not just how to do it. At the end of lesson 2, you'll already have a strong grounding in playing pure funk styles, and will be ready for the more stern challenges ahead.
  • Pure Funk Series 1- Lesson 3 In lesson 3, you start to move into more advanced pure funk techniques, and Jerry will share a number of his favourite tips and tricks with you so you can play even difficult aspects of this lick at ease. The trick to pure funk is to be able to play the guitar in a way that allows other instruments, such as the keyboard, bass, and drums, to have equal strength in a composition. Jerry shares with you how to add this element to your playing style, while also giving you a great base of skills from where to begin improvising and producing your own pure funk sounds. The solo featured in this lesson combines a variety of sounds and techniques, and is great for building confidence.
  • Pure Funk Series 1- Lesson 4 Lesson 4 begins to place more emphasis on standalone solo licks and helps you learn a clearer, stronger style of pure funk. This lesson mainly centres around defining individual notes and being able to play a distinct sound. Not only will this lesson equip you with knowledge of pure funk sounds from up and down your fretboard, you'll also learn about incorporating Blues licks and elements from other genres into your funk guitar playing. If this is your first venture into advanced pure funk techniques, Jerry shares some great advice to help you hone your skills.
  • Pure Funk Series 1- Lesson 5 True to the roots of pure funk, lesson 5 is another that incorporates various elements of guitar playing in order to build a brilliant solo. Jerry takes you straight into slide-ons and pull offs, combining traditional funk licks with blues sounds. There's a definite hint of Jimi Hendrix about this lesson, and Jerry is brilliant at helping you to keep it simple, allowing you to play brilliant riffs with minimal effort. It is worth taking the time to cover everything in this lesson in-depth, as it will fully equip you for what Jerry has in store in lesson 6.
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