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Rock Series 1

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Series Description

Professional session guitarist Jerry Crozier Cole is your guide for this Rock Series, which will take you on a journey through a number of techniques with the aim of making you a proficient lead guitarist. Jerry breaks down each lick on an individual basis, starting with the basics to get you started, before moving onto more complicated and advanced notes. There is something for all levels of guitarist in this series, and it will leave you with a wealth of ideas for creating your own inspirational improvisations.

Tutor Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is a versatile guitarist known for his skills across a variety of styles, including jazz and rhythm and blues. Jerry has been inspired by a number of amazing guitarists throughout history, and is a popular session musician and tutor while continuing to tour with a number of bands playing a variety of styles. Jerry was also one of the featured guitarists on the soundtrack of the acclaimed 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina. Check out Jerry’s series’ here at Pro Music Tutor and learn some great guitar skills for yourself.

  • Rock Series 1- Lesson 1 Kicking off the first lesson of the series, Jerry is back with a great Rocky solo for you to get your hands on. During this lesson you'll have to utilise some techniques you will probably already be familiar with, such as pull off's, slides and bends. Jerry will demonstrate how to slide down the neck using open strings for those super thick Rocky sounds. You'll explore stock riffs and learn how the E Minor Pentatonic and the Major Pentatonic scales can build brilliant Rock phrasing. As with every other series on Pro Music Tutor - Jerry will play the solo to begin with, at full pace and then break it down into manageable chunks which he looks at in detail. This lesson is ideal for the beginner or those unfamiliar with the genre of Rock.
  • Rock Series 1- Lesson 2 Jerry is back for lesson two with another cracking Rock solo. You'll definitely want to get your hands on this one! You might notice the solo in this lesson has more pace than in lesson 1, this is Jerry increasing the pressure challenging your skill. This lesson focuses upon getting all of the techniques you've encountered in lesson one a little more fluid. During the beginning of the solo, you'll be concentrating on those cracking fast pull off's and be able to get a grip on the open string techniques Jerry introduced in the previous lesson. Jerry will explain exactly how to perform each technique in context which will help give you some ideas and become more confident when moving around the guitar.
  • Rock Series 1- Lesson 3 Kick Back with Jerry and rock out with the third lesson in the series 'Rock' - 'Reefer Rock'. This solo is slightly different when compared to the previous two lessons. Jerry provides an alternate solo with some killer Rock licks to test your skill and move your playing forward. You'll experience Jerry teaching you some more dynamic sounds in this lesson. There are lots of bends for you to perfect, and some new techniques, such as the 'Double Stop'. This lesson combines many of the techniques you've been perfecting across the previous lessons but begins to become a lot more adventurous. Jerry will give more information regarding separating notes when using distortion and as ever play the solo in full and break it down into manageable chunks. This way, you know you're not missing a single note.
  • Rock Series 1- Lesson 4 'Reefer Rock' continues again in lesson four, and once again, Jerry is taking the skill requirements up a level to start really challenging your playing. The legendary Jimi Hendrix inspires many of the techniques in this lesson, and Jerry will share his favorite "Jimi-isms" with you that many popular guitarists have incorporated into their repertoire in the last 30 years. You will start to move around the guitar with more speed, building up the note density of your soloing and becoming more proficient at playing complicated note combinations to come up with distinctive, uplifting sounds.
  • Rock Series 1- Lesson 5 Coming toward the end of the series now, Jerry continues to increase the heat and challenge your playing further. The solo in this lesson is a brilliant Rock solo with some great phrasing. This is more complex piece, in terms of the technique, as it is very left-hand intensive with a variety of fast pull off's. This will shape your playing into something more fluid and improve your ability to tackle any part of the neck. Jerry also explore the 'E Dorian Minor Mode' which allows a few extra colours when it comes to playing this kind of Rock. Ultimately, this lesson teaches you how to take a scale, one you may have only just learned and make some phrases out of it of your own to create some melodic shaping. As ever, Jerry is there with you every step of the way so you know you're not missing a single note. The solo begins at pace and is slowed down and expanded out into licks by Jerry, who explains everything ,in great detail.
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