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Blues Series 1

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Series Description

Jerry is back for Blues Series 1, where he walks you through a 12 bar blues in the style of Albert King. Jerry takes you through a range of 'phrases' of licks, breaking it down one piece at a time so you can perfect each one individually before putting them together, or importing them into another genre or using it to develop your own individual style. Great licks from a great player that appeals to guitar players at all levels.

Tutor Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is a versatile guitarist known for his skills across a variety of styles, including jazz and rhythm and blues. Jerry has been inspired by a number of amazing guitarists throughout history, and is a popular session musician and tutor while continuing to tour with a number of bands playing a variety of styles. Jerry was also one of the featured guitarists on the soundtrack of the acclaimed 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina. Check out Jerry’s series’ here at Pro Music Tutor and learn some great guitar skills for yourself.

  • Blues Series 1- Lesson 1 Jerry kicks off this series with a simple solo, ideal if you're a beginner. There are still some killer licks here however, so if you're an advanced player, there is definitely something for you here too. You'll hear a great crunchy Blues solo, which Jerry demonstrates is a result of an Ibanez Tube Screamer overdrive pedal. You'll get to use and learn a great deal of techniques in this lesson - it's all based around the Pentatonic so things are kept simple, however Jerry will show you how to spice things up with sliding, vibrato, pulling off, two string slides and bending. He explains all of these techniques in great detail and breaks down the solo into phrases so you can be sure you're learning thoroughly.
  • Blues Series 1- Lesson 2 This solo has a really nice melodic crunch to it, slightly mellower than the previous solo, but nevertheless definitely one to learn. Jerry ups the difficulty for this lesson, where you'll have to harness everything you've been introduced to in lesson one and expand upon it. You'll encounter all of the standard techniques which make up a great Blues solo such as sliding, bending and vibrato and have an opportunity for Jerry to help you refine these skills. There are some great licks in this lesson for you to add to your arsenal and as ever Jerry demonstrates the solo at pace and then breaks it up into phrases which he goes into great detail with. You're in great hands with Jerry, he'll make sure lesson two is a great one.
  • Blues Series 1- Lesson 3 Jerry ramps up the pressure even further with this lesson by increasing the note density. This means you're getting more notes for your buck and are beginning to learn how to harness a multitude of great Blues phrases. This lesson will put to the test, all of the techniques you've been busy perfecting in the previous two lessons. You'll perfect your slides here and concentrate on bending to pitch correctly, making sure your bends don't sound flat or out of place. You get a greater variety of licks in this lesson to really test your skill. As ever, Jerry will play the solo at pace and then go into detail as to the blocks of phrases, explaining everything you need to know to further your Blues experience.
  • Blues Series 1- Lesson 4Jerry is back for lesson four with more crunch in the solo, coupled with more difficulty, this lesson is the turning point and will test your skill as a Blues guitarist. The bar is being raised in terms of the techniques you've learned over the previous three lessons; you'll be able to get your fingers around some lightning fast hammer ons and pull offs and perfect your bends. The focus on this lesson is to gain more control of your position shifting. A great number of learner guitarists get stuck on one part of the neck and end up frustrated by this. Jerry demonstrates how you can avoid this so you're making sure you're using as much of the neck as possible, ultimately making your playing professional and fluent. Jerry begins by playing the solo at pace, but don't worry, he slows everything down for the explanation, going through how to play each of the phrases correctly and detailing everything you need to know to get the technique perfect.
  • Blues Series 1- Lesson 5 In this lesson, Jerry really brings those aching Blues back to life with a great solo and some quality licks. This lesson is really an amalgamation of all of the techniques you've experienced and perfected so far throughout the series. However, Jerry will test your skill by expanding still, upon these techniques and showing how far they can be stretched with the Blues. This lesson shows how you can get the most out of a series of simple phrases using the techniques you've learned. Some of the licks in this lesson are less than obvious so this is definitely one for the intermediate/ advanced player or those curious to experience something a little different. As ever, Jerry guides you through the lesson consecutively so you know you're not missing anything important.
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