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Jazz Rock Series 1

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Series Description

This is a great Series for guitarists who want to step out of playing pentatonic scales and venture into the territory of infused Rock, Blues and Be Bop. In this Series Jerry demonstrates 6 Solos that increase in difficulty as you progress through the Series from lessons 1 to 6. Jerry teaches you specific licks and shows you how they fit with the chord progression. This Series will certainly "spice up" you guitar playing and teach you how to play more Jazz flavoured Rock. Jerry takes his inspiration from players such as Larry Carlton, Elliot Randall, Robin Ford and others.

Tutor Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is a versatile guitarist known for his skills across a variety of styles, including jazz and rhythm and blues. Jerry has been inspired by a number of amazing guitarists throughout history, and is a popular session musician and tutor while continuing to tour with a number of bands playing a variety of styles. Jerry was also one of the featured guitarists on the soundtrack of the acclaimed 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina. Check out Jerry’s series’ here at Pro Music Tutor and learn some great guitar skills for yourself.

  • Jazz Rock Series 1- Lesson 1 Jerry begins this series by showing you a selection of licks combining elements of the Major and Minor pentatonic scales; in the key of D-Minor. Jerry will show you how to get your fingers around some lovely vibrato and bending to pitch, whilst developing what you learn with your own playing style. This is the simplest lesson of the series however there are some great licks for all levels of player.
  • Jazz Rock Series 1- Lesson 2 Jerry slides into this lesson with a slight bluesy tone. Expanding on Lesson 1, Jerry mixes up the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales as well as the difficulty. This lesson is all about confidence up and down the neck. Introducing some phrasing to the mix this lesson is designed to teach you to be a little more daring when moving around the fingerboard. Understanding good phrasing is key to unlocking maximum creative potential, to ultimately, become a great soloist. You will also learn a little about 'Acciaccatura', the classical term for sliding into a note.
  • Jazz Rock Series 1- Lesson 3 This lesson sets the tone for what's to come. Jerry increases the speed of the playing and continues to explore the phrasing techniques learned from Lesson 2. The playing is more adventurous with the addition of semi quavers; Jerry also shows how speed can be 'implied' in some circumstances. This lesson demands good control of the pull off technique learned in the previous lessons. You'll also get your hands around pre-bending and learn how to keep pitch even and smooth for an awesome vibrato.
  • Jazz Rock Series 1- Lesson 4 Lesson 4 marks a the point where Jerry 'raises the game' This is where your skills are going to be tested whilst expanding upon all you've learned in the previous lessons. Jerry develops more complex ideas within the D Major Pentatonic scale and also with the semi-quavers, which have become familiar. A little fresh phrasing is introduced with a D-Dorian phrase hybrid with a blues phrase. There are some great tones in this lesson and a big bend, so bring some muscle.
  • Jazz Rock Series 1- Lesson 5 In this lesson Jerry is ramping up the difficulty and entering into Be Bop territory. He'll show you some great licks, which are a fusion between Be Bop and blues, and has a really great sound. Here the licks combine a lot of different sounds to provide you with a great contrast of tones. Refining complex technique with subtle alterations, Jerry will teach you how to harness the skills you've learned from previous lessons and really up the ante.
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