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Rhythm Series 1

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Series Description

Join Jerry Crozier Cole as he takes you on a journey through some of the most important and iconic rhythm guitar styles. This series will help you refine your own playing style and add a lot more to your locker when it comes to improvising and otherwise playing any style. Ideal for confident beginners or intermediate guitar players, this series will open your mind to a range of rhythms that are great for creating the foundation of everything you play.

Tutor Description

Jerry Crozier-Cole is a versatile guitarist known for his skills across a variety of styles, including jazz and rhythm and blues. Jerry has been inspired by a number of amazing guitarists throughout history, and is a popular session musician and tutor while continuing to tour with a number of bands playing a variety of styles. Jerry was also one of the featured guitarists on the soundtrack of the acclaimed 2015 sci-fi movie Ex Machina. Check out Jerry’s series’ here at Pro Music Tutor and learn some great guitar skills for yourself.

  • Rhythm Series 1- Lesson 1 Rock Rhythms In lesson 1, Jerry introduces the basic essential techniques you need to become a competent rhythm guitarist when playing a rock style. Starting with power chords and techniques for muting strings, Jerry quickly moves into using effects to give your chords more identity and definition. Jerry then demonstrates a number of riffs you can use to turn simple sequences of music into something that wouldn't sound out of place in a stadium. Rhythm guitarists everywhere can benefit from Jerry's tips and techniques that are shared in this lesson.
  • Rhythm Series 1- Lesson 2 Sixties Rhythms In lesson 2, Jerry takes the chord progressions from the first lesson and places a sixties interpretation on them. Jerry then moves onto some further sixties-inspired chords that introduce groove and old-school rhythm to your music. This lesson will inspire you to incorporate sixties chords and riffs into your music, particularly when you're playing around and improvising. The lesson ends with an introduction to the style of Jimi Hendrix, which is explored in further detail in lesson 3.
  • Rhythm Series 1- Lesson 3 Hendrix Style Rhythms In lesson 3 of this series, join Jerry as he shares his favourite Hendrix style rhythms with you and his tips and tricks for how to play them as best you can. Jerry goes through a range of licks that will help you to create rhythm guitar harmonies and develop your own Hendrix-esque sound. The sequences in this lesson will give you the confidence to go away and play around with your own rhythm guitar style, and arm you with some extra techniques for putting new interpretations on any solo music you have already written and played yourself.
  • Rhythm Series 1- Lesson 4 Funk Rhythms Jerry heads back to the sixties in lesson 4, which is all about discovering how to play inspirational funk rhythms. Not only will you learn how to play great sounding funk riffs and chords, Jerry will also show you how to use your equipment to get an even more distinct funk sound. The lesson then moves into some specific funk sequences and examples, giving you something to practice with or a foundation for creating your own personal funk improvisations.
  • Rhythm Series 1- Lesson 5 Chord Families The final lesson of this rhythm series looks at how rhythm guitarists can use chords to create great sounding music. Perfect for experienced guitarists who suffer from chord confusion, Jerry clarifies the differences between commonly confused chord sounds and shares a number of exercises that will help you to avoid this problem in the future. You'll also learn about the relationships between certain chords and see some riffs that you can use to put chords together and practice coming up with your own licks.
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