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Country Blues Techniques Series 1

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Series Description

Joe Wilkins is your guide for this series as you go through a journey that will leave you equipped to take on the Country Blues genre, and inspire you to develop your own improvisations and solo sequences. Across the six lessons, you'll learn how to perfect several picking and string bend techniques, and why they matter so much to Country Blues music. At the end of this series, you might even be inspired to up sticks to Nashville and try to become a Country Blues superstar on your own!

Tutor Description

Joe Wilkins is a popular guitarist, musician, and composer, while also teaching a number of students in a variety of different playing styles. Joe has now brought his easy to engage with teaching style to Pro Music Tutor, where you can take advantage of his guidance whether you’re looking to master country music finger twisters or learn to play the blues.

  • Country Blues Techniques Series 1- Lesson 1 In lesson one, Joe takes you straight into alternative picking, teaching you why the technique is important to the Country Blues genre as well as sharing some ideas that will help you practice your alternative picking. Joe also shares a sequence of licks with you that will test out your newly acquired alternative picking skill, and help you to develop so it becomes second nature, even if you're starting this series as a total newcomer to the genre.
  • Country Blues Techniques Series 1- Lesson 2 Hybrid picking is the subject in lesson two and, by Joe's own admission, it probably isn't something that comes naturally to most players. Joe explains the difference hybrid picking can make to your music, before sharing his tips for perfecting the technique, as well as some guidance that might help you to pick up hybrid picking and become comfortable with it quicker. Again, there is a sequence of licks at the end so you can build some practical experience of using hybrid picking within your own music, and continue to build your repertoire of Country Blues techniques.
  • Country Blues Techniques Series 1- Lesson 3 Lesson three moves on to advanced hybrid picking techniques, which will help you to maintain a bass line while playing a Country Blues melody at the same time. During this lesson you will start to find hybrid picking a very natural process, and start to feel like your guitar pick and fingers are working completely independently from each other. This technique is all about mastering the fundamentals slowly before building up to playing quicker sequences and feeling like a Country Blues natural.
  • Country Blues Techniques Series 1- Lesson 4 Lesson four moves onto chicken picking which, like the others, takes time to master, but once you do you'll have another exciting technique to help you create a real Country Blues sound. Joe shows you what chicken picking is, before sharing how to practice and build up your confidence with this technique, before building it into standard Country Blues links to give them a more definitive sound. Chicken picking is a must learn for anyone looking to develop their ability to improvise across any genre of music.
  • Country Blues Techniques Series 1- Lesson 5 In this lesson, Joe looks at advanced chicken picking, taking the sample lick from lesson four and adding some additional parts so you can practice chicken picking within regular Country Blues style playing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to further master your chicken picking technique, and you'll complete the lesson ready to put it into any of your solos or improvisations moving forward.
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