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Country Blues Series 1

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Series Description

Here, Joe shows you some Danny Gatton style country blues licks that are finger twisters to say the least! Given the relentless rhythm of the music, Joe breaks down each solo one lick at a time so you can learn them, while also providing ideas around honing your technique so that you can play country blues in a way that makes sense to you. This series is about much more than country blues, and while you will learn much about this great style, you will also leave with great knowledge of clever techniques and tips to get the most out of your guitar playing and improvisation no matter what style you play.

Tutor Description

Joe Wilkins is a popular guitarist, musician, and composer, while also teaching a number of students in a variety of different playing styles. Joe has now brought his easy to engage with teaching style to Pro Music Tutor, where you can take advantage of his guidance whether you’re looking to master country music finger twisters or learn to play the blues.

  • Country Blues Series 1 - Lesson 1 Joe begins this this series with a straight forward solo to give you a taste of what is to follow. This solo is classic Country and Joe shows some great licks to transport you right into the genre. You'll discover the solo around the A Minor Pentatonic and get your fingers around some slides, full-tone bends and hammer-on's. Joe takes you through each step in great detail in this hi-definition video. This is a great video to begin with if you're new to Country Blues or want a taste of what's to come.
  • Country Blues Series 1 - Lesson 2 Joe ramps up the difficulty in this lesson of the series to test your skills, bringing you up to the bar. This solo is more up tempo and longer than the one you've experienced in Lesson 1. Joe will teach you how to play at speed and concentrates on gaining accuracy in your playing, a skill very important with Country Blues, these Country licks can get a little speedy! As with Lesson 1, Joe demonstrates the solo in its entirety and then breaks it down into manageable chunks which are looked at and explained in detail.
  • Country Blues Series 1 - Lesson 3 This is a great intermediate lesson for you to get your teeth into. Joe demonstrates a great Country solo with some classic licks to build up your skill and knowledge. This lesson is all about 'Hybrid-picking' a technique synonymous with Country Blues. This opens up the dynamic of your playing and provides some great possibilities for rhythm and lead playing. You'll also get to know about 'Unison bends,' another vital technique to learn when it comes to Country Blues. This is where the difficulty gets ramped up for the coming lessons. As ever, Joe will demonstrate the key licks at pace and then slow them right down to explain exactly how to play it. He'll take you through Hybrid picking and Unison bends in detail so you can get the technique sounding perfect.
  • Country Blues Series 1 - Lesson 4 The technique Joe demonstrates in this lesson is a must learn Country technique. 'Chicken Picking' is the name of the game in this video and is very common in Country genres. This creates a fantastic, unique sound you'll definitely want in your technique toolbox. Joe will teach you this skill in detail and in the context of the solo; you'll also get to learn what a 'Ghost note' is. In addition, Joe demonstrates other really helpful techniques such as 'Raking.' Intermediate to advanced players will definitely learn something in this lesson. Joe will demonstrate all you need to know, as ever in minute detail, so all you've got to concentrate on is getting your fingers around leaning these great riffs.
  • Country Blues Series 1 - Lesson 5 In this lesson Joe demonstrates another great Country solo which contains some brilliant riffs for you to get your fingers around. The difficulty is further ramped up to test your skills and make sure the techniques you've learned over the previous lessons have been refined. This lesson comprises of a combination of all of the techniques you've been learning to help you piece together the vital skills for this genre and put them into context. Joe takes you through each riff in detail and explains how to utilise the techniques, such as Chicken and Hybrid picking to transform your playing to that of a pro Country guitarist.
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