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Blues Rock Slide Series 1

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Series Description

In the Blues Rock Slide series, Joe Wilkins will take you through all of the tricks and techniques you need to master this inspirational and timeless genre of music. Joe will take you through a wide range of both simple and more advanced licks that will build your confidence and give you the tools you need to incorporate a Blues Rock sound into your own style. Whether you want to become a great musician in the Blues Rock genre or just pick up some tips for improvising and adding a new twist to your own sound, this series will give you everything you need to achieve your goals. Blues Rock Series 1 is perfect for beginner guitarists as well as advanced players.

Tutor Description

Joe Wilkins is a popular guitarist, musician, and composer, while also teaching a number of students in a variety of different playing styles. Joe has now brought his easy to engage with teaching style to Pro Music Tutor, where you can take advantage of his guidance whether you’re looking to master country music finger twisters or learn to play the blues.

  • Blues Rock Slide Series 1 - Lesson 1 In lesson one, Joe gives you a gentle introduction to the Blues Rock Slide series with a simple, slow series of licks that are great for building confidence before moving onto the more difficult solos in this series. You will become familiar with using a finger slide to create a distinctive sound, and Joe shares a guitarists' secret that many know, but not many share! Although this is a simple solo to learn, it is the techniques that Joe shares to enable you to create distinct sounds and improvise that will leave you well set for moving onto harder lessons.
  • Blues Rock Slide Series 1 - Lesson 2 Lesson two represents a quick step up from the basic techniques you will have mastered earlier, with the speed and rhythm instantly increasing in this more challenging solo. Familiar licks from Blues legend Elmore James - the King of the Slide Guitar - are incorporated into this lesson, meaning you will quickly get used to playing something familiar. Joe shares his favorite techniques for muting strings while playing short notes for real distinction in your sound, as well as useful ideas for honing your technique to perfection.
  • Blues Rock Slide Series 1 - Lesson 3 In this lesson, Joe starts to introduce different pieces of equipment, in this case his guitar pedal, and shows you how to use these to play longer Blues notes and get a much more distinct sound from your instrument. While the challenging solo will continue to develop your playing of the Blues, Joe again throws in his favorite tricks, such as a harmonic, for getting the most out of your sound so that you can develop your own improvisations and style.
  • Blues Rock Slide Series 1 - Lesson 4 Joe introduces quicker sliding sequences into lesson four, and you find yourself making greater use of the full range of the fret board. A lot of the notes in this solo make use of the regular pentatonic positions, giving you ample inspiration for creating solos in whatever key you want with a Blues edge. Again, mastering muting the strings will be the key to this solo. This lesson builds brilliantly on what you have learned so far, and is great for testing out your current repertoire of Blues Rock skills.
  • Blues Rock Slide Series 1 - Lesson 5 The pace picks up again in lesson five, as Joe brings you a solo inspired by late Blues Rock legend Duane Allman. This is the most technical solo so far, and features a lot of quick notes played in similar locations on the fret board. Remember the tips and tricks Joe shared with you in the earlier lessons? If not, it is time to go back and revisit them, as you will definitely need them if you are to master this amazing Blues guitar solo.
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